I Like Hats

| Feb 1, 2016
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Cate O'Malley

Cate O’Malley

I admit “I like hats ” may not be the most provocative titles for an article, but it’s indicative of where I’m at and how I feel about myself. Like some, I tried to blend in and be invisible. I wanted to pass. There’s nothing wrong with passing, but it is not even on my radar to wish that anymore. A lot of times I do and there are many times when I most assuredly don’t. I don’t care. What I’ve decided I need to do is to define my very own fashion style.

Why do I need to read this on TGForum?

I’m glad you asked. Look at all the trouble, trials, anxiety, fear and some self-loathing we endured to get us where we are today. I agonized for decades and hid it from the world. That’s not healthy and I physically, emotionally and mentally suffered. If I’m going to be out and about any and everywhere I want to go, then I want ’em to see me coming. I’m not going to make a spectacle of myself. However, I am going to wear what I want without regard to the current fashion trend.

I’m finally getting to the hat

There are certain fashions and accessories I really like. Hats are one of them. I also like funky horned-rimmed glasses, gloves (especially opera length), capes, dresses, scarves, modest heels, rings and a dainty handkerchief. I carry an umbrella and have my eye on one just like the one Mary Poppins carried. I really enjoy necklaces that make a statement or have a meaning. I have one that is a Mother Earth symbol. It grounds me. I like color, design, flair and whimsy. Not exactly the way to dress if I wanted to blend in.

I don’t do. . .

I don’t do yoga pants (nobody wants to see that), Capri pants, Crocs, flip-flops, Doc Martens, or peek-a-boo blouses. Low cut blouses and dresses passed me by years ago, so I leave them on the hanger. I can take or leave sandals, but I don’t like things between my toes. I’m an odd size, so lots of things I’d like to wear are out of the question. I’m not thin and tall, the opposite is more like it. So, I play to my strengths and accessorize.

Here comes the soap box

I have a point, so let me struggle to tie this all together. We in the Trans* Community are special, very special! Own it. Feel it. Live it. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, the Universe gave us a pretty big lemon and not only did we make lemonade, we made a damn fine lemon meringue pie. I’m living as I truly am and part of that is my outer projection of self. I love fashion, but not just anyone’s idea. I’m my own woman and my own designer. I hope you are too.

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