Finding the Color That Works for You

| Sep 26, 2022
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Dear Readers,

Apparently, the season has changed! Summer has slammed shut, and now it is autumn, or fall. Normally I would be looking up fall fashions for you to consider, recommending that you put away your happy, fun hot weather clothing and try to find your boots, mufflers and plaid. BUT—I am presently at the BEACH, and just got out of the ocean! So, as I am loath to bid adieu to my favorite season. I will save it for the next column, and chat away about another choice—COLOR, and how to use it to your best advantage!

There are all kinds of charts and graphs, and tests in magazines to tell you what “season” or colorway is best for you. I shall now simplify this process for you!

1. Go to a well-lit mirror, with a bunch of different color clothing. Borrow some if you have to. Or use towels, books, any non-sentient entity in your arms, or a basket.

2. Standing squarely in front of the mirror, hold up each item right under your face, and give yourself a fearless reckoning of how this makes you look. You can also ask a trusted friend to do this with you.

Now-record the reactions!

A. Shrinking away from the mirror, screaming and hating the way you look—this means that color is probably not for you. Example: I adore the color yellow—but, as a kind of pale, blue-eyed, brown-haired person, yellow makes me look like I have missed my hepatitis treatment, should stop sleeping in alleys, and fighting wild dogs for table scraps. Yellow=death.

B. Back to the mirror. I hold up something green! And here’s the twist—the SHADE of green makes a huge difference! A nice teal green, and sometimes Kelly green, look fine! Olive green—DEATH.  Forest green—not the very most flattering, especially in winter, but I LIKE IT, so that counts as a Wild Card.

C. Blue—Darn tootin! Blue can be a wonderful color, from lightest aqua to a deep royal blue. DING! It’s a hit. A deep thrumming blue can wash out a truly pale human, so the mirror will tell you what to do.

D. RED! Oh my, what a great color! But not really boffo for every single person—those of you blessed with darker coloring can ZING the hell out of red! And there’s candy-apple-red, fire engine red, blood-red, old dry crappy blood-red, rusty red, light tomato soup red, the list goes on. The key here is NOT to let your clothes “out-shout you-we want to wear the dress, not look like RED with a lady in it.

E. Purple! Not always a great color for the pale, but a truly wonderful hue. And there’s amethyst, lilac, mauve, a full bouquet of fabulous color. That mirror can be thumbs up or down on this one.

F. Orange. If you are a person with a glorious, deep skin color, go head on. Paler folks—try peach instead. Orange can easily overpower the wraith-like, and make you look sallow. Mirror to the rescue!

G. Black—eh. I personally feel it is waaay overdone, and too “safe” a choice. BUT, as a base, like a slim black skirt or jacket, it is great. Black is the jeans of color! Same with white—it’s a good start, but do accessorize.

H. Tan. Why do you hate yourself?! Unless it’s a tan cashmere or wool jacket, leave it to the Sheriff’s Department!

Let me know if you are a huge fan of, or detest some other hues I may have forgotten—I don’t include gray, as it is just sad. Unless it’s a silvery gray, of course.  

Please have a swell but slow slide into the next season!

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