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Emily Chapter 3 — The Weekend

| Mar 25, 2019
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Friday morning before breakfast Mom asked if I had gym class today and I shook my head I didn’t.

“Here, your Sister was nice to let you wear these panties today. Let me know how they feel after wearing them all day. You know you can’t keep wearing her clothes, don’t you? She doesn’t wear your clothes, does she?”

I nodded that what she said made sense. These panties were pure white satin feeling and I put them on. They too were smooth, soft and lightweight just like yesterday’s panties and appeared to be made of the same material. I surmised all panties must be the same and there was noting else to learn about them and mentally checked panties off my curiosity list.

Mother returned home from the hospital about 5:15 and Sis was out with the Hot List somewhere. Mom and I had left over spaghetti for dinner. After cleaning up Mom sat me down to talk.

“How did the panties feel today, sweetie?”

“They seemed much more comfortable under my pants than my cotton underwear.” Recalling my observations. “I did notice I seem to slide around on the chairs a bit more while wearing them.” I also recalled from the day, I simply couldn’t pull down my zipper at the urinal. I had to unbutton my belt and pull my pants down since the panties didn’t have a slit in the front, but I didn’t tell mom that.

“Robert, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not disagree or disapprove of you exploring dressing as a girl. If you wish to explore this Daisy and I will support you 100%. But you must give us 100% to so you have enough information to decide what you like and want to do about it. I’ll get you some of your own clothes to wear. But if I do, I want you to promise to commit to the next eight Friday nights and weekends, plus the first two full weeks of summer vacation. Understand?”

‘Yes, Ma’am. I understand. That’s fair.”

I surmised in my mind that this time frame would give me more than adequate of time to explore everything I needed know to satisfy my curiosity about girls and their clothes. Then I’d move on to new explorations, discoveries and projects.

Mom stated, “Tomorrow your Sister will be out with her girlfriends and you and I will go shopping together. Another reason you can’t wear her clothes is because your frame is much smaller than hers.” Daisy is 5’ 5” or 5’ 6”, a good two or more inches taller than me and her shoulders were wider than mine. I don’t know how much she weighs.

I finished my homework for Monday and watched television. Mother was upstairs most of the evening. Sis came home about 6:30 and she and Mother talked for a long time about something. Later I saw them sitting at the kitchen table making what appeared to be some sort of list, or something.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are lazy days for all of us so we can sleep in. Mom is usually up around 8 and Sis, 10 or later. I was up at 7 for some reason and went downstairs to watch TV until breakfast. Mom came down about 8:45 followed by Sis in leggings and a white tank top with a light pink hooded sweater jacket. Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite breakfast days since we have waffles or pancakes; or bacon and eggs in lieu of our weekday oatmeal regime. After breakfast Mom said, “Emily go up to your Sister. She is going to help you get dressed. I’ll finish up here.” I went to Daisy’s room and knocked on her door. She said to come in. She was just pulling a different white top over her head and I got a glimpse of her black bra as her top fell to her waist.

“Why do girls wear colorful underwear? I mean no one really sees them,” I asked inquisitively.

“They make us feel pretty. You’ll about to find out yourself soon enough, Emily.” I thought to myself that my sister was already pretty. What difference did colored underwear make to her?

“Sis, I think you are the prettiest girl in the world.” She looked at me with a big content smile and came over and gave me a huge hug.

“That is so sweet of you, Emily. What do you want to wear today? Shorts, skirt or a dress? Oh, I don’t think any of my shorts or jeans will fit you. Let me see what I have that may fit you for today. You know we aren’t the same size. You are much smaller than I am.” She continued a bit sternly, “And if you ever fit into a size zero I may kill you.” I wondered, can zero be an actual size? I don’t think boys have a size zero. Something else to learn.

“I don’t know. I only tried one shirt, skirt and dress.” Answering her question.

“You really looked cute in the sundress and both Jasmyn and Cheyenne loved it on you.”

“Really, both of them?” Thoughts for Cheyenne and Jasmyn liking me swirled through my pre-teen brain.

“They both want to meet you someday. And I am certain all of my other girlfriends will too.”

“Really? Wow!” I thought to myself that the Hot List wants to meet me. Then it dawned on me they want to meet Emily, and not Robert.

“Here is another pair of panties for today. Mom will take you to get your own today. I found an old smaller bra of mine that should work better for you today. While I find you a dress, put these on and this lotion on your arms and legs so your skin will feel soft and smooth. Next I’ll do your hair and then help you some light makeup.”

The lotion really smelled girly. I applied on my arms and legs and it did make my skin soft and smooth like Sis said. I sat down at her vanity and she did something to my hair and added a clip in it — she called it a barrette.  I felt strange sitting at her vanity in only a bra and panties as she applied some light makeup and the same pinkish neutral lipstick she used on Thursday. She finally located the sundress she was rummaging for in her closet. This one was white with lace along the hem. Daisy helped me slide it over my heads and reminded to be careful not to touch my makeup on it. Daisy finally put a different necklace and bracelet on my arm.

“I’d give you some earrings, but don’t have any clip-ons, sorry. And like Thursday this dress is a bit long on you because I am taller than you. It should be just above your knees,” Daisy commented.

Finally, she handed me some flip-flops — she called them sandals. I guess because my feet were smaller than hers I could at least walk in these. Last was a light gray jacket type sweater finished with a spritz of her perfume. The combined scent of her perfume and body lotion flooded the receptors in my nose.

“There. How do you look, Emily?” Daisy looked over me admiring her masterpiece in her full-length mirror. “I think you look darling.”

“I look like a girl again.” I thought I looked even better than I did on Thursday. “Can you make all boys look like this? I asked.

“Hardly!” She answered with a giggle. “Most boys are too big and hairy. What do you think Big Mike Walker would look like in a dress? You are perfect with your height and weight. So now you need to learn to act and become one while you are dressed,” she said, speaking quite authoritatively. I thought to myself that Big Mike would really look really silly in a dress.

Mother came and said, “Emily, you look precious. I am still amazed that I wouldn’t recognize you if I didn’t already know you were my son.” Girls seem to always use the words cute, darling, lovely, and precious. Those words don’t seem to appear in boy’s vocabularies.

Sis jumped in, “Oh wait! Let me find you a purse,” She rumbled through top shelf of her closest and found one. She put a few items in it and positioned the long strap over my head onto my opposite shoulder.

I held the purse for a moment staring at it, and said, “Thanks, Sis.” Still wondering how come I needed a purse. Later it dawned on me I didn’t have pockets anywhere to place anything. That’s why girls carry them — one more curiosity discovered and solved! Panties and purses checked off my list.

“Ready?” Mom asked.

“For what?” I replied.

“To go the mall and get you some of your own clothes. You can’t buy girls clothes as a boy, can you? I’m not taking Robert shopping. I’m taking our cousin, Emily from Portland. Come on, let’s go.”

Her logic seemed sound to me. “Sis, aren’t your coming?”

“Not this time, I’m going to a movie with Heidi and Mandy at the movie complex next to the mall. See you later and have fun shopping, cousin Emily” and she kissed me on my cheek. Daisy has never kissed me on my cheek before.

Daisy left when Mrs. Katz came by to pick her up. Mom gave me some ‘girl’ instructions when I was dressed. “Remember what Daisy told you about not showing your panties?” She added, “I think you really look cute in sundresses. We’ll get you some.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I replied to the first part of here statement.

After we walked through the kitchen door into the garage, Mom said, “Let me show you how to smooth your skirt to sit and get in and out of car properly like a lady.” The car was still in the garage and the garage door was still closed and I didn’t understand why it was so important if no one could see how we got into the car. But I followed Mom’s instructions anyway. It was kinda like when Daisy had me smooth my dress when I sat at her vanity.

About 10:30 Mother and I arrived at the Northgate mall. After exiting the car I noticed the breeze moving under my dress. I wasn’t nervous as I thought I’d be until the automatic doors opened and we walked in the mall and were bombarded by a swarm of people strolling in different directions. I squeezed Moms hand real tight.

“Emily, you look like a beautiful young girl and I promise no one will ever notice if you act like one. Just smile and be nice. Okay?” We headed first to Macy’s and as we walked through the lady’s cosmetic counters all the fragrant smells combined with my body lotion and perfume all the wonderful surrounding scents engulfed my nostrils. Finally reaching the girl’s department my curiosity mode immediately emerged. I’ve never had reason to be a girl’s section before. As I walked around looking at clothes and feeling the different textures of the fabrics I made mental notes as I picked up and looked various items of clothing off the tables and racks. I found a table of girl’s panties that where a lot different than Daisy’s. I guess all panties aren’t the same. I will need to explore these differences more, so I mentally unchecked the panties box. Mother purchased me some panties and asked a sales lady to fit me with a training bra. I looked up at her confused — training bra? Did I have to train, like in sports, to wear a bra? I was curious about the training bra thing because I wasn’t officially on any sports team.

“Emily, this is a big step for a young lady.” The sales lady was really nice to me and told Mom how cute I was. The dressing room was cold after I took off my dress to get measured me with a cloth tape measurer my ribcage. I was glad Mom was in there with me.

She measured me and went to get a couple bras. Mother picked out three or four and had me wear one since Daisy’s bra was too big on me. Why did this bra seem have more material, and padding than Daisy’s bras? My algebraic equations were different than Daisy’s. I really need to figure out how solve the “x” in the equation somehow. There are too many more questions than answers.

“How does it feel?” Mom asked.

“It’s a lot tighter than Daisy’s bra. I guess I’ll get used to it.” As I squirmed my arms and twisted sideways feeling the elastic binding around my chest. Mom handed me skirts, dresses and various colored tops to try on.

“Getting hungry, Emily.” I was getting used to being called this when dressed and decided to go along with it while I explored this curiosity of mine. I was beginning to love the feel of the clothes. I especially loved the softness the most and how they slid across my skin when I moved. I could no longer plop down in a chair anymore. I had to be cognizant how I sat, not showing panties and being polite, cross my legs and smile.

“Yes, I’m starved.”

We headed to the food court and I got a slice of pepperoni pizza and a coke and Mom got a salad. I noticed girls ate a lot of salads. After a short while I heard someone excited.

“Hi, Mrs. Fuller. And you must be Emily that Jasmyn told me about last night on the phone.”

I looked up from my pizza and saw Cheyenne from yesterday and her Mom (Mrs. Thomas) with her daughter Madison, another Hot List girl.

Mom, said, “Hi, Cheyenne, Madison. How are you two? Hi, Jennifer to Cheyenne’s Mom. Let me introduce our cousin, Emily. She’s visiting from Portland.”

I looked up and smiled and said nervously, “Nice to meet you, Madison and to see you again Cheyenne. Nice meeting you too, Mrs. Thomas.”

“Sorry, Ellen, we have to be someplace else in 20-minutes and are running late,” said Cheyenne’s mom.

“Nice meeting you Emily. Hope to see you again soon,” said Madison and they both hugged us both and then the girls sashayed away. Their perfumes smelled heavenly. They even smelled better than my pizza!

Mom said, “You can exhale now, Emily. You did just fine.”

“They smelled really nice and they all are so pretty.”

‘You will too when you use lotions and perfumes. We’ve almost done shopping. We need to find you some jeans, shorts and shoes. Then we can head home.”

“I have to use the bathroom.” I hopped up and started walking.

“Young lady where do you think you are going dressed like that? Girls can’t use the boy’s restroom. Here, come with me,” and we headed back to a women’s restroom in Macy’s instead of the one in the food court.

On the way to the women’s restroom Mom gave the obligatory instruction on what I was supposed to do in the restroom. After entering the restroom I looked around and made mental notes of my observations of how much different this restroom appeared compared to the boys. No urinals and it was nicer, prettier, more colorful, and cleaner. It even smelled girly. It finally dawned on me why Mom and Sis were always so adamant about me putting the toilet seat down. We finished shopping and got home about 3 or so. Daisy arrived home a little after 4.

Mom asked, “How was the movie, Daisy? We ran in to Cheyenne and Madison with her Mom today at Northgate. They are such sweet girls.”

“The movie was great Mom. Thanks for asking. I’ve already hear about the mall today from Cheyenne. “Madison said you are pretty, Emily. The word about this cute cousin of ours is traveling like wildfire, Mom!” Daisy said smiling. “Emily, let’s go up to your room and show me what you bought today.”

After being dragged upstairs by one arm to my room Daisy dug into my shopping bags and pulled out each piece. “These tops, skirts and dresses are so cute. You have shorts and jeans and shoes too. I can’t wait to see you wear them.” She nodded in approval as she held up each piece to me. “How did you like shopping as a girl?” I still wondered why girls always held clothes up to themselves and don’t do what I do and just put them on.

“I still like the feel of the fabrics and all of colors the best. How do you all choose. I mean there are so many different items and colors? The salesladies were really nice to me. And the girl’s restrooms are hundred times better that the ours. At school ours always smells like stale piss.”

“Don’t you mean their restroom?” Daisy exclaimed!

It took a minute for me to realize I that was supposed to be thinking and talking like a girl. “Their” equaled boy’s restroom. At least that was a simple equation to comprehend.

Mother came in. “The mall took a bit longer than I planned and didn’t get to go the grocery store or thaw anything out. You two girls want to go out to eat?”

Daisy and I nodded. I was hungry again. “We’ll leave in about 15-minutes. I have to change.” Another problem to solve. Why do girls have to change clothes so often?

A little after 5:30 we arrived at Scott’s Bar and Grill near Costco. Scott’s is a local restaurant and is always crowded; at least each time we have been there. The waiter even said ‘good evening, ladies.’ Mom had another salad, as did, Daisy. I ordered a hamburger and fries.

After dinner I said, “I have to go again, Mom. Excuse me.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Daisy. I guess I’ll discover soon enough why girls never to the restrooms alone. Boys seem to never go in pairs or groups unless its between long classes or after lunch.

On the way Sis said, “Make sure you ….” I stopped, look up at her and said,

“I know what to do. Mom took me today.” Daisy simply smiled and continued walking holding my hand. When we returned home I watched some television.

Mom and Sis came over to me. Mom said, “So how was your first day being dressed and out as a girl?”

“I kinda liked it. Actually, I really liked it. I was a bit scary at first in the mall. I am glad you were with me, Mom. I liked the shopping and experiencing the different clothes and fabrics. The lady’s restroom wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be. I thought I’d be terrified when Cheyenne and Madison stopped by, but I felt okay. Being a girl is a lot harder than being a boy!” I exclaimed. “I mean you have so much to do to get ready and everything. I guess I liked shopping a lot more than kinda liked it.” I rambled about my experiences and wasn’t sure that all came our right.

Sis hugged me, and Mom said, “You were some perfect young lady today. You were a girl today, all day. And no one suspected otherwise. Ready to explore more tomorrow?”

“Sure, I had fun today.” I was trying to make mental notes about today’s explorations and discoveries and what I had learned to apply tomorrow. Still I had too many unanswered questions that lingered in my mind like the equation thing on the bra tag and going to the restroom in pairs, and many others. Perhaps I should keep a notebook of my findings.

“When you’re ready for bed, ask your Sister how to take off your makeup again and pick out an outfit for around the house tomorrow.”

“We won’t be going out anywhere?” I asked.

Mom said, “Remember you are our cousin from Portland. You need to go back there tomorrow after we go to church. Understand?”

“I guess. I think so.” As my head spun around as I tried to wrap around the idea that I had to go to Portland but remained here at home. Confusing that I’d be in two places at the same time.

Sunday I went to church as Emily. Although I knew a lot of people there, gladly no one recognized me as Robert. After the service Mandy and Heidi saw me and swept me away from my support group of Mom and Sis. About 30-minutes later we ended up in the ladies’ room and they started asking me questions when Sis walked in. “There you are. We wondered where you disappeared to after the service.”

Mother went to the grocery store and did laundry. Sis was really kind to show me how to apply makeup and style hair. Plus, she showed how to hand wash underwear along with hers that she let me wear. She tried to teach me how to iron. First I had to practice on ironing old rags and hand towels so I wouldn’t burn and ruin anything. Truthfully, ironing wasn’t on my curiosity list of things to explore. Around 2:15 the doorbell rang, and I went to see who it was. It was Henry Fisher, a good friend of mine from school.

“Is Robert home?” he asked. I guess he didn’t recognize me in my girl jeans and yellow T-shirt with a brown ‘Hello Kitty’ on it.

“Hi, I’m Emily his cousin. Robert is out somewhere. I don’t know where. You want me to tell him you stopped by?” I smiled.

“Oh, I’ll call him later. Bye.”

“Who was that?” Mom asked.

“It was Henry Fisher looking for Robert.”

“He didn’t recognize you, did he? I doubt anyone ever will the way you look. You are too cute.” Mom said convincingly.

“He sure seemed nervous and scared talking to a girl.”

“Remember you can’t answer the door after noon. You are on your way to Portland.”

Mom said I could wear panties to school on non-gym day. I was happy with that. I told Mom I preferred them because they were much more comfortable than my boy’s briefs anyway. I really looked forward to non-gym days.

At school I’d go to the gym and scrimmage with the girls’ volleyball team. I was always on the opposing side since the team didn’t have enough players to fill both sides of the court with players. I liked volleyball since I was too short for basketball and to scrawny for contact sports like football. I was really surprised how hard a girl could hit the ball. Although short, I was good at receiving serves, spiked balls and passing the ball to the setter. I was also good at setting the ball to the hitters too. I was kept on the back row in practice and never went to the front row since I wasn’t tall enough to hit or block the ball.

Sis and Mom seem so intrigued and supportive of this exploration of mine. I seem to constantly bombard them with ‘why or how come’ questions. I was discovering how to walk, act, talk differently. For example, when we all went out for dinner instead of saying ‘I want this or that’, I’d say, ‘I’d like to try this.’ I could dress when I got home from school on weekdays but not answer the door on Sunday’s because I was supposed to be in Portland. Still haven’t solved how I was gone but somehow still here.

Almost two months have passed and I am learning so much from my time exploring being a girl. My curiosity keeps flourishing. It seems I’m getting a bit better at matching outfits and shoes now. Sis or Mom shows me something new each day. Amazing, right? I wonder if there will there be a test at the end of all of this? Is there a Cliff Notes for being a girl?

Finally, there was only less than two more weeks of school before summer break. Mom originally told me I had to promise to dress as a girl on weekends for two months and the first two weeks of summer. I still have too many more questions than I am getting answers. I am enjoying being a girl and feel I may need more time to figure everything out. When I think I answer a question, then two or three more materialize. This is much harder than I expected and a lot harder than a science project. Science projects always fit together piece by piece. This seems all so scattered at times.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Emily.”

“Mom, I think I want to explore being a girl some more. I know what I promised you weekends for two months and two weeks of summer, but I think I really like to be a girl all summer. Am I weird or anything? I’d like to explore through the summer if it is okay with you and Daisy. I mean there’s so much to know and learn. I don’t wish to be a problem for anyone.”

Mom was a bit taken back by my request. “Emily, I have no problems if that is what you wish to do. You know Daisy and I will support you if you think this is what you really want to do. She’ll be home soon and we’ll talk about it. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Mom.” She gave me a huge hug and I headed up to my room to read an article in Popular Mechanics magazine how to build a drone.

During dinner, Mom told Daisy what I wanted to do through the summer.

“So, you want to be a girl 24/7 all summer?” Sis asked.

“I think so. I am so intrigued being a girl I seem to have more and more questions I can’t answer and need to explore a big longer. You both have been so supportive and helpful, and I hate asking your all the questions all the time and prefer to learn as much as I can myself.”

Daisy looked at Mom then said, “I don’t really mind. I like Emily much better than my brother, whoever he is anymore, and I’d love to have a little Sister. Nice. You can ask Mom and me anything any time.”

“I’ve been thinking.” Mom interjected. “I guess Emily could spend the summer with us and use Robert’s room, and Robert can visit and work on Uncle John’s fishing boat over the summer in Astoria.” I wonder why I would be allowed to use a room that was already mine in the first place.

“Emily, let Daisy and I talk it over a bit more. I’m fine with it, but you must understand that that you will have to be a girl 100% of the time 24/7, young lady. Understand?”

“Yes, I do. I understand perfectly.”

“And you no longer can go play with your buddy’s, or go outside not properly dressed.”

“I understand. Thanks Mom, Sis.”

Sis was excited. “I can’t wait to tell my girlfriends that cousin Emily will be visiting all summer. They have been begging me forever to meet you, Emily. This summer would be perfect. We’ll even help you find a cute boyfriend too.”

My eyes opened wider than Moms. I was speechless and turned slowly and looked toward Mom. This curiosity of mine didn’t include having a boyfriend.

“We’ll see.” Is all Mom said. Sis bounded up the stairwell to her room to call her girlfriends.

School will be over soon and I become Emily for the summer. Truthfully, I really didn’t care where Robert went.

Next: Chapter Four – The Summer

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