Fashion Alert! Here Comes Spring!

| Mar 25, 2019
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We keep talking about a long winter, but in reality it hasn’t been as long as it would seem. January wasn’t too bad of a month but then along came February and did it suddenly get cold? Snow almost every day with low temperatures that were almost unbearable. This Polar Vortex, as it was called, covered most of the continent. But now the Jet Stream is moving north, allowing us to experience some of that warm Gulf air. Forgive me if I seem too optimistic at this time.

Now we are almost through March. As the first day of spring was March 20th and the clocks have sprung forward, we have to cheer up and think about our new season’s wardrobe. So here are some ideas for dressing for this time of the year.

Firstly, lock away the boots, gloves, scarves and heavy coats! Separate all your dark winter clothes from your spring and summer outfits, and get ready — go.

Introduce some colored skirts and tops. This alone will break the winter blahs. I love skirts. They make me feel more feminine and the longer and swishier they are the better.

Pauline modeling a long skirt.

As I have stated before, everything comes down to personal choice.. One shouldn’t think about skirts that end above the knee just yet. If the temperature is warm enough one can use tops that don’t have sleeves.

Pauline in a shorter skirt.

My wife tells me the predominant color this year will be pale pink. With skirts and pants we always have the discussion with ourselves, do we tuck the top in or let it hang outside the skirt or top. Then one has to think of the belt. Is it decorative or just functional?

In this part of the world, we have to consider some warm clothing as spring can be quite cool. Take a sweater or spring jacket depending on the forecast. One goes out during a reasonably mild day but on the way home it might be quite cold. Hence the consideration for tops with sleeves. Also an attractive pair of gloves can enhance the outfit and of course keep your fingers warm if necessary.

As far as footwear is concerned flats or heels are okay. There are lots of colors available, the choice is yours. Attractive ankle and knee high boots are fine also ankle boots and knee highs go well with pants or leggings and of course jeans.

Jeans seem to be in this year. they can be, with a careful choice of tops and jackets, made to look very attractive. Choose jeans that fit well including both the legs and the rear. In my opinion the best choice of colour is the traditional blue and black. I am a little hung up on whether or not colored denim can be called a jean.

Ah, tradition.There is another type of pant called a jegging. This is a tight legged pant which almost qualifies as a pair of leggings but it is more than likely made of denim.

Denim skirt With the correct arrangement jean jackets can look great. I don’t know if one can get away with denim on denim. I don’t think I would try it at least.

A denim shirt look from Instagram.

I researched mature women wearing denim shirts on the net without much success. Plenty of photos of younger women but I think what they were wearing would suit any one. Denim shirts can be worn with skirts, capris, long pants and leggings. Most colors are acceptable. The only way one can get away with denim bottoms and denim shirts is if they have significantly different shades. Even then, I can’t say I am too fond of the outfit.

Choices are difficult. We have included some photos here Some of me Lol, and a couple I stole from Pinterest. If you have difficulty choosing an outfit, there are lots on the net. If you didn’t know it already, Google and Yahoo are wonderful resources for serious female clothing. Have fun searching.

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