Earthly Riches, or Riches of the Spirit?

| Nov 10, 2014
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Did you see the lottery this last week? Three hundred and twenty-six million dollars is one heck of a jackpot. The Mega Millions lottery will pay the ridiculous amount of money to one winner. IF that person invests those riches wisely, they will be set for life.

It probably comes as no surprise that when the jackpot gets to this point, small talk in the break rooms across this country turn to what we would do with the money if we were to win. Some would buy a house. Myself, I would travel and begin to check off all the places I have on my bucket list. Most of us can’t help but dream of the possibilities that would come with such riches.

With all the talk about the giant lottery jackpot, I have had to stop and think. I will admit, I thought about buying a few tickets. Who wouldn’t want to have all that money? Dreams could come true. If so inclined, we could make a difference in this world. We could help others less fortunate than us. We could provide for our families in ways that we only dreamed of before.

All of these are great things to think about and even do. But what does it all mean?

All of it is just earthly riches. Will it truly matter in the grand picture of things? Are these earthly riches truly what God would have for me? Sure a giant shopping spree sounds REALLY cool, but how important is that?

Seems like every time I get a little bit extra in my bank account, something happens and it is all sucked away. I have been homeless, sleeping in my minivan on cold nights. All that can really put a damper on one’s mood and their eternal outlook.

And would money really make a difference with all the other stress that life throws at us? How often do we strive for the approval of others? How often do we search out the accolades for what we have done? How often are we cut down be those that oppose us? Just this week I saw the extreme right wing politician that publicly slandered me be elected to office in Colorado. You may have been or currently are the target of hate and intolerance and there is no money in the world that will ever make that go away.

How often do we continually forget that God has stored for us riches beyond our wildest dreams. We forget that God has already told us that, as followers of Christ, our riches, whether they are monetary or accolades, are not here on Earth but they are in Heaven. Matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

These are riches that will outweigh any gold bar here on earth. Matthew goes on to say that where we store up or treasures, that is where our heart is. When we focus on those things that are beyond the treasures of this world such as money, power, approval, we begin to gain true riches in the understanding of truth. We see what is important from a kingdom of God point of view rather than a worldly view point.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s not tough. IT’s comes so naturally to seek the things of the world. The world drives us to gain more and more. I am guilty of it myself.

But we have to remember that all those things will only last a little while. Through all of our trials and setbacks, For those that love God and are active followers of Christ, our riches our waiting for us in a place where the streets are paved with gold. Where the light of God is so bright that not a shadow can hide from its brilliance. A place where money has no value. We will be without need or want. No pain! No sadness! HOW GREAT IS THAT?

Now my question to you — how many of us share that wealth?

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Meggan Sommerville is a writer, photographer, indefatigable advocate for trans women’s rights and the founder of Trans Girl at the Cross, a Christian ministry focused on building bridges between the trans community and the Church. Meggan holds the honor of being the first transgender woman to be cast in Listen to Your Mother, a production of mother-themed readings currently directed and performed in 32 cities around the United States. Meggan is a proud mom of two teenagers.

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