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Trick or Treat Tranny

| Oct 19, 2015 | Reply

Our late founder JoAnn Roberts called Halloween a holy day of obligation for crossdressers. It is the one day in the year that regular guys can experiment with wearing women’s clothing without repercussions from their friends. The Artist D believes that Halloween should happen everyday and what the world needs is more straight men wearing dresses. If they did that the whole world would shift and anything would be cool.

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Earthly Riches, or Riches of the Spirit?

| Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

Did you see the lottery this last week? Three hundred and twenty-six million dollars is one heck of a jackpot. The Mega Millions lottery will pay the ridiculous amount of money to one winner. IF that person invests those riches wisely, they will be set for life. It probably comes as no surprise that when […]

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Spirit Sucking

| Aug 25, 2014 | Reply

The Artist D recently took a break. Fortunately for TGF she returned from her downtime in time to file her column for today. Taking a break can be anything from turning off your cell phone for a couple of hours to trekking out to a cabin in the woods for a week of quiet contemplation. Why would you do something like that? Give a read to The Artist D’s column today, Spirit Sucking.

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Is TG a Conscious Choice?

| Sep 16, 2013 | 3 Replies

Dr. Dana Bevan believes that being transgendered is not a choice. She also believes that most of the choices we make are not made by our conscious minds but by the bits of programming and wiring that integrates our nervous systems with our brains. As she puts it, most people believe there is a “little person” inside their head that makes decisions for us. They call it a soul or spirit. Evidence though points to our “decisions” including acting out TG behavior, are all made by parts of our brains that are not under our control. Food for thought indeed.

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