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Coming Attractions!

| Nov 3, 2006
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A couple of movies you may or may not know about:

Kinky Boots came out on DVD recently.  It’s the story of a failing British shoe factory that switches the product line to stay solvent.  Oh, and there’s a drag queen who teaches everyone about love and tolerance, and…yeah.  It’s pretty formulaic, but enjoyable none-the-less.  It’s worth a rental.  (And the website has some neat features.)

Coming soon: Zerophilia.  It’s the story of a boy who turns into a girl when he gets turned on.  (Who among us hasn’t had the same problem, only the other-way-round-in-reverse?)  The reviews aren’t so good, and since it’s an indy, it will probably never, ever show up at your local Big Box Cinema 20 Theater. 

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