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| Apr 27, 2015
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Before I start, let me explain my use of pronouns in the following article. At this time Bruce Jenner has chosen to continue to use male pronouns. I will not question his reasons and I don’t think he is trying to hang on to his maleness as some in the transgender community have concluded. Until he emerges and finally introduce us to the woman that has been inside him for the last 65 years, I will respect his wishes and continue to use his male name and male pronouns.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you all know by now that Bruce Jenner has finally put to rest rumors that have been swirling around him for several years. “I am a woman” has been the statement that has echoed through mainstream media since Friday night.

There was a tremendous amount of material covered in the in depth interview produced by ABC. Jenner covered his earliest memories to being caught in a dress by one of his kids just a few years ago. Diane Sawyer, though briefly, covered topics like the violence towards the trans community especially trans women of color and the increasingly alarming rise of trans youth suicides.

I was asked by many on Facebook to add my thoughts to the increasing amount of post interview commentaries nearly flooding the media. I questioned whether or not my voice would even be necessary. My thoughts and feelings echo those of Christina Kahrl, Brynn Tannehill and Jenny Boylan and I doubt very much that I could be as articulate as they have been.

But there was one thing that was nearly glanced over without much mention — it was something that did catch my attention. About three quarters through the interview, Jenner’s Christian faith was mentioned. Though not one to discuss his faith, Jenner has in the past been a regular attender of Calvary Community Church, a nondenominational Christian church in Westlake Village, California.

Being a Christian transgender writer, this little bit of news was probably more interesting than all of the rest of the interview. Anytime I find out a celebrity professes to be Christian, I tend to look more closely at their lives. I am more intrigued by what they believe and how they share their faith, if at all.

Being a person of faith, one chooses how to demonstrate their faith in their daily life. Some choose to live openly, but others are more quiet about what they believe.

My one thought I will share is as Jenner moves forward with steps he desires to make in his journey to live an authentic life, it is my hope that he chooses to live openly about his faith as well. He claims to want to help the trans community in some way, what ever that might be. Having a notable trans person, strong in the Christian faith would be a much needed boost and encouragement to many of us.

Though reality television can often be empty of substance and filled with superficial muck, and as his E! network reality show moves forward, I would hope that his life and journey are not trivialized or mocked. I hope that he has the opportunity to demonstrate his faith and that conversations with his pastor can be shown.I understand that many churches frown on television cameras intruding on worship services, but if conversations between Jenner and his pastor can be shared, many in the Christian community might benefit from hearing those conversations.

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Meggan Sommerville is a writer, photographer, indefatigable advocate for trans women’s rights and the founder of Trans Girl at the Cross, a Christian ministry focused on building bridges between the trans community and the Church. Meggan holds the honor of being the first transgender woman to be cast in Listen to Your Mother, a production of mother-themed readings currently directed and performed in 32 cities around the United States. Meggan is a proud mom of two teenagers.

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