Another Hollywood myth shattered…

| Apr 25, 2007
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Crocodile Dundee was on television recently, and as always, I try to time my viewing to coincide with one particular scene. It’s not that I don’t like the rest of the movie, it’s just that well, I kinda have a crush on one character.

You’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this. Yes, I’m talking about the scene in the New York bar, where Mick Dundee meets a crossdresser. Or a drag queen. Or even a TS. (Her status is never made perfectly clear.)

Well, I first saw that movie in 1986, when it came out. And my experiences with other TG people were extremely limited. So, to see a gorgeous creature like this one up on the big screen filled me with awe. She was inspiring! If another guy could lookAnne Carlisle in Liquid Sky that beautiful, why couldn’t I?

Years go by, and I nurture my little crush on Gwendoline. It flares up whenever I catch Dundee on rerun. But it wasn’t until this past week when it occured to me that I now have a tool to find out more about her. The Internet! More specifically, the Internet Movie Database!

Lo and behold, I find out her name is Anne Carlisle. And she’s not Trans. She’s GG.

Am I heartbroken? No. Well, maybe a little. But still, her performance inspired me to be better, and that’s never a bad thing.

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