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| Apr 25, 2007
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Tranny rehab, a new documentary on cable, and school ain’t what it used to be. All this and more in this week’s TWITG notes!

Ever wish you could be cured of your TG tendencies? Go check in to Malaysia’s version of the Betty Ford Clinic. Our Reuters correspondent has more.


MSNBC has a new documentary: Born in the Wrong Body. It premiered Sunday night, but I’m sure they’ll show it again. And you can find most of it on their website.


Things sure have changed since I was in college. The University of Oregon is observing Trans Week of Celebration. Keep an eye on the Oregon Daily Emerald, as I’m sure there will be a few letters to the editor over this one.


A transgendered student was up for prom royalty. Get the story from the Mercury News.


And while we’re discussing high school, a TG school librarian will be speaking this Wednesday at a Minnesota college. Details are at the University of St. Thomas Bulletin.


And on the subject of transitioning at work, didja hear about the New Zealand cop? Find out more at

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