An Interview with Mae Krell

| Nov 30, 2020
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Mae Krell

One of the things I love most about writing for TGForum is I get to interface with new people and folks I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise know about or come in contact with. Mae Krell is one of them.

If you do not know about Mae, please read on. Mae is an indie singer-songwriter who entered the live music business at 15. They started Tongue Tied Mag, an online publication that features photography, interviews, and anything related to music. As a photographer this is how Mae got started in the music industry. There was young Mae, photographing live music, most notably shooting the Governor’s Ball for Rolling Stone magazine at the age of 17. As a photographer, Mae has worked with Sony RCA, and Interscope.   

Mae’s debut EP, Anabasis early in 2018, featured singles Monsters and Scars and premiered on Popmatters, who said that “Krell reveals their demons in utterly captivating fashion, with a wide variety of instruments meshing wonderfully with their passionate vocals.” AudioFuzz also reviewed the EP, stating that this is the sound of the future,” and telling people to “Watch Mae Krell. They are a force to be reckoned with.”

The summer of 2018, they organized a nationwide tour playing in 40 cities across 30 states to promote the record. After spending the summer months organizing a nationwide tour, Mae returned to the studio to start launching their next string of singles. wash, Mae’s recent single, detours from the artist’s previous work by combining more reflective lyrics with a more stripped down, acoustic style. With its lush vocals and accompanying music video, Indie Band Guru wrote that Krell “bloomed” with their new track, and Get Some magazine agrees that the track is “indie folk magic,” and “a sonic delight.” Mae cites Bob Dylan, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Phoebe Bridgers as musical influences, but their goal is simply to evoke emotions and connect with people. 

A visit to one of Mae’s websites, offers another good perspective of Mae, the singer, who also serves as senior lead publicist of this queer-owned boutique public relations and multimedia marketing firm. The firm describes itself as “New York’s bitchiest PR firm.” They currently represent a group of about 15 young up and coming stars, helping singers who want to make their music heard.

If you desire to hear Mae’s newest song, “wash,” visit The site features some of Mae’s photography. You can also follow Mae via social media, @maekrell. And if you would just like to read about Mae, get ready, get set, go!

TGForum: What is it like living in Harlem, as well as not being able to tour during the pandemic?

Mae Krell: I recently moved out of Harlem and to Washington, D.C. with their partner and their two dogs, Apollo, and Rosie. It is a lot quieter here and we have more living space. I like it so far. Not being able to tour has been hard in general. Both being away from music and friends as well as just not being in the normal schedule of traveling.

TGForum: You left New York for a while to ‘work on yourself.’ What did you discover?

Mae Krell: The biggest thing I learned was how to ask for help. That is not something I ever knew how to do. When I have struggled since then, it has been much more fixable. I also learned a lot about myself and what values are enormously important to me.

TGForum: You have been recording professionally for about three years (first album 2018). What have you learned about the music industry?

Mae Krell: There are kind people everywhere and anywhere you go if you look for them. Music, as an industry has a reputation to be mean, but I personally have not experienced it that way. Obviously being an independent artist is a much harder way to go about it all, building everything up from the ground on your own and with friends. In general, I would say I have mostly learned that the more you care and the harder you work, the more people will care about what you are doing. If you care, other people will too.

TGForum: What inspired your current single “home?”

Mae Krell: I wrote home some time ago when I first moved back to NYC. I had been away for a while. It was the first time I had a value for my life and wanted to live. Suddenly everything was terrifying, and I was experiencing a constant anxiety I had never felt before. Home is about that feeling.

TGForum: Talk about some of the musicians who have influenced your music.

Mae Krell: Growing up I listened to a handful of different music. Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Prince, and others. I think there is a lot of inspiration that comes from them plus more recent singer songwriters like Jason Isbell, Noah Kahan and Foy Vance, as well as others. 

TGForum: Your All the Things I Never Said book had mixed reviews. How did you handle the negative criticism?

Mae Krell: I wrote most of what is in that book when I was 13-years old. I think a lot of people who read it review it as if an adult wrote it. Honestly, it does not affect me much. Some people like it, so I have kept it up and available to read and buy. (Actually), that is all that matters.

TGForum: Besides music, what talent would you like to most have?

Mae Krell: I would love to be able to speak more languages.

TGForum: What are your thoughts about the current state of the transgender movement?

Mae Krell: It is super important to push for more inclusive rights and healthcare for trans people right now, more than anything in my opinion. Surgery and hormones are a form of suicide prevention for trans people and making sure they are accessible is more important than ever. Therapy and mental health support as well.

TGForum: At this period, with all the crap that surrounds us politically, what motivates you?

Mae Krell: Being able to support the people I love and care about and make music that hopefully reaches people who need it. 

TGForum: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Mae Krell: In a personal sense, being with my family, friends, my partner, and our dogs somewhere beautiful. In general, just the idea of everyone being given what they need to be safe and healthy. I wish that were a reality now.

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