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A Holiday Introduction

| Dec 6, 2010
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Hey everyone! There’s a new girl on TGForum and she’s written her first post. It’s about Thanksgiving. Check out the first contribution from Sophie Lynne.

Sophie Lynne

So here we are nearing the end of another year. A few days ago we residents of the USA had a holiday: Thanksgiving. The holiday is supposed to be for everyone to remember things we are thankful for, yet it’s usually an excuse to get drunk and eat too much before going out bargain hunting at the malls. Unless you count the huge cliché of the “Thanksgiving Announcement” where someone outrages the family by announcing they are living an alternative lifestyle of some kind.

I won’t even discuss the “turkey dump” here, as that’s a freshman year of college thing and that is so many years behind me.

So is this going to be yet another “what I’m thankful for” post? Another list of people you don’t know and frankly couldn’t give a damn about? Can I string another sentence with a preposition at the end to prove I can? Nope. I will say that in the two years since I rediscovered myself I’ve met so many wonderful people that have reaffirmed that I am doing the right thing. I am so very thankful for them.

No, I want to write about dinner. Yummy. Many of us have family or friends with whom we had a wonderful dinner. Some of you reading this dined en femme. Some of you have completed the journey and are women. Most of us did not. Why?

I invited many friends over and had a blast. My wife and child had a great time. I was dressed as a male. I am in the closet as are so many of you. I have been Sophie for two years and my wife doesn’t know. Well if she knows she doesn’t let on that she does.

What would it have been like to be Sophie in front of all these people? To be me? They HAVE seen me dressed. Oh yes, I caused quite the stir showing up to a Halloween party in perfect drag. I even won the costume contest. Called myself Monique. Blonde, big boobs, LBD, yeah I looked great. So is it such a jump to say “Hey, I AM Sophie”?


Many of our spouses do not know. If mine were to find out, I’d be on the street. Life in a cardboard box doesn’t interest me. So why can’t I share this major part of my life with the person with whom I promised myself “till death do we part”? In her case it’s religion. Hard core Catholic. Let’s face it; the guys wearing the dresses sanctioned by Rome look down on guys wearing dresses whether or not we say we need to wear dresses.

Life’s a bitch, then there’s a run in your stocking.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sophie Lynne, and I will be exploring many things about this world of ours. Those who read my articles will come to know me intimately as my only secret is the one I keep from my wife. Oh wait — it’s your secret too, isn’t it? That’s what I’ll explore the most — life inside the lie. How do we be true to ourselves AND to her. And can we have peace with both?

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Sophie Lynne

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  1. says:

    Congratulations on you being a new addition to TG Forum! Have fun, and thank you for your future posts!

  2. Hebe Hebe says:

    Hi Sophie Lynne,

    An excellent column — I’ll be looking forward to more. After two millennia in the closet, I finally broke down the door and escaped in October at Fantasia Fair. It was wonderful — see my TGF article published on November 1. It’s not a full-time outing yet, but it’s a start. I have problems, you’ll have problems — but I’m looking forward to seeing how you tackle them and — hopefully — overcome them.

    Best wishes,

  3. dina dina says:

    Sophie Lynne,
    Welcome to the TG Forum as a featured writer. You’re off to a good start. Best Wishes, Dina

  4. jericds jericds says:

    Welcome to the Forum and thank you for relevant questions. They are questions most of us keep asking ourselves and most of us keep not finding acceptable answers to. For myself the consequences of coming out seem to outweigh the benefits. The imagined likelihood of rejection by my family and friends and coworkers is just too much to risk. For myself the loss of esteem in my children’s eyes is a price not worth paying. I have been divorced for many many years and my 5 children are all grown and most of them have children of their own. So I live alone which enables me to dress frequently at home. But not in public or socially with friends which I strongly want to do. In the new year I plan to join a local chapter of Tri Ess which I believe will satisfy my longing for social (and hopefully friendly) venues where I can be dressed.


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