6 Tips On Creating a Trans Friendly Environment

| Aug 7, 2017
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Dr. Leis

(Philadelphia, PA) “Transgender people want to be treated “normally” just like other people – the key word is respect,” says transgender surgery pioneer, Dr. Sherman Leis. As people head back to school and work from summer activities, Dr. Leis, founder of The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, offers some valuable tips on enhancing a work or school environment so that everyone feels comfortable.

1) Create a culture of respect in the workplace. The old adage, “do unto others as you would have them do to you” is quite appropriate here. According to Dr. Leis, mutual respect is the key to successful relationships in every case.

2) Call transgender people by their correct name or pronoun. If one is unsure, in a quiet, respectful way just ask them how they prefer to be identified.

3) Overall, Transgender people are people too. Just treat them as you would any other co-worker or classmate.

4) Include them in your activities and especially in office activities. Holiday parties, teams, lunches and others, invite them as you would everyone in the office or class. If the office team is going to see a movie, make sure everyone is on the invite list.

5) Don’t make a big issue about bathroom policy but do make plans for both non-transgender and transgender workers, classmates and visitors to feel comfortable when nature calls.

 6) If you are able to do so, speak with your human resources department about transgender issues. Make sure that your company or school has a transgender policy in place, one that is communicated to everyone.

Said Dr. Leis, “Aside from being transgender, transgender people are regular people with interests, hobbies, ideas, favorite TV shows, etc., just like everyone. Create an environment that treats them normally and everyone will benefit from their enriching our communities.”

Dr. Sherman Leis is a pioneer in Transgender surgery. He is one of the world’s pre-eminent Transgender surgeons and founder of The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, located in Bala Cynwyd, PA. It is recognized as one of the leading facilities in the world specializing in gender reassignment surgery – facial, chest and bottom surgery. The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery is located in suburban Philadelphia at 19 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004. Phone: 610-667-1888. Visit their website.

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