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| Jan 4, 2016
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Here it is, the beginning of 2016 and I, like so many of us, make resolutions and polish up my crystal ball to try to determine what awaits us in the New Year.  My resolutions usually contain lose weight and exercise.  This year, however, instead of setting hopeless goals, I’m throwing out the resolutions, setting the crystal ball back on the shelf and I am creating my list of wishes for our community for 2016.  Lists for everything are made this time of year, so you knew this was coming.  I would also like to hear from you if you have a particular one that needs added.  Here goes.

End the violence against LGBTQIA People

I’m including every person who is a member of the alphabet soup. No one deserves to be a victim of violence, ridicule, shaming, made homeless, maimed or killed. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US! Please, end the violence!

Suicide by Trans* people must stop

Torment, ridicule, anger, hate, fear, and shame must be replaced with love, acceptance, caring and help. We all know these feelings and many of us, me included, have considered suicide. This is not an option. Accept and love all Trans* people so they never consider taking their own lives.

No more Transgender Day of Remembrance

I wish we never need to remember those of us who, during the year, were murdered. Accept us, love us, and embrace us. We all deserve to live our best lives ever.

End Trans*-on-Trans* bias

Our community, the Trans* community, needs to come together and not have biases against one another. We are all equal. We just express our gender identities in different ways. Crossdressers are not less than transsexuals. Gender queers don’t rank higher than drag queens. No one is better than the other. Bias is an issue we’ve been fighting all our lives with the cisgender community. How can we possibly do this to each other? Stop it!

Pass a global Human Rights Ordinance

Make it the law of the entire United States and the rest of the world that Trans* people have equal rights.  No exceptions. We have the right to housing, medical care, and employment. Just like everyone else.

Someone to love

All people, and especially Trans* people, should have someone to love them unconditionally, without reservation. We all need that special someone to hold and to be held by and to love and be loved. No one should ever be lonely. Being alone is a choice. Being lonely is tragic.

Family members who are always on our side

My wish is all family members of a Trans* person is loving, supportive and a strong ally for us. No one will be thrown out of their home, ostracized, shunned, ignored or forgotten. Children’s visitation will never be used as a tool to punish a Trans* person. Families will be the rock that supports our lives.

That’s my list for this coming year. I want all of us to have a safe, happy, fulfilling and glorious 2016. Peace, love and hope everyone.

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I am Cate, a mature transgender woman. I am a writer, blogger, parent, grandparent, sailor, activist and happy. I am a widow, and live with my yorkiepoo, Belle. I love music, reading, cooking, outdoors, DIY, theater, antiquing and flea markets, home brewing, and seeing what is around the bend in the road or over the horizon. I own the MatureTransgender.com website. It is an outreach, support and resource for mature trans* people and especially for those who, like me, came out after fifty.

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  1. Micheal Micheal says:

    Thanks Cate’you covered an awful lot!
    If each and everyone of us just took half the time to do some soul searching as you did on your list we would all realize we all came from the same place. Each of our journeys are our own, and yet each of us can relate to the other. Open your hearts girls and boys and offer a helping hand to one of our own. Where is a better place to start, than here at home with one another.

    Me’Schel XO

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