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| Nov 28, 2016
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It’s a whole new world, dear reader.

There have already been several articles here on Transgender Forum about the election. They are well thought out and well written. So am I going to write about it too? Yes and No.

We all know what is happening now. Hate has taken over our country. LGBT legal organizations are urging full time trans women to get all their IDs in order for the inevitable demands of “papers please” from Trump’s gestapo. Hate crimes have spiked.

And last Sunday was Transgender Day of Remembrance on this, the deadliest year yet recorded for the TG community.

Next year WILL be worse.

So. I’m full time living my Truth. Unlike many Trans Trump voters, I have no way to hide in a “male” guise. I’m out and obvious. I have no doubt they will come for me.

I’ve noticed that customers where I work have become ruder — coarser. I get misgendered pretty much daily now. I get more glares.

So. What do I do about it? Publicly, I hold my head high, shoulders back, and meet their gaze. They will not see me shrink away. Privately, it’s a daily fight not to curl up in a ball and cry constantly. I’ll bet I’m not the only one.


Smiling Against The Terror

As a Group, Trans people are used to Hate and Discrimination. We are used to violence and oppression. But, what do we do when all of that comes from the U.S. government? When the people who are supposed to protect and defend ALL citizens prey on us, among others?

After all, the incoming Trump Reich has already said that there WILL be a Muslim registry as well as internment. [Ed. Note: Both campaign “promises” that Trump spokespeople have said will not happen after Sophie wrote this post.] And with Pence in charge, we’ll be right there with them.

I took a few days off of facialbook to regroup after the election. I was devastated — not because my candidate lost, but because I couldn’t believe that the United States of America — the country that lost almost 1.5 million soldiers killed or wounded fighting fascism in the 1940s — would elect a fascist as its president. I couldn’t believe the country that went nose to nose against the Soviets for decades . . . would elect a Russian puppet.

So. What do we do now? We Fight. Harder than ever before.

Be well.

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