Writing. Will it Save The World?

| Jun 4, 2018
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Hello all! This month, I wanted to talk about writing. As some of you may remember, I want to be a writer once I get through college. I guess I’m a writer now since I’m writing almost every day, but I eventually would like to be a published author. A lot of (or even most of) my stories are about LGBTQ people. One day, when I was writing a queer love story, I started thinking about all of the kids like me, and how things will be when those of us who write grow up to be published authors. That is the topic of this post.

I can’t wait for my generation to grow up. (I know that I’m technically an adult now, but I feel like I haven’t grown up yet.) When all of the LGBTQ kids like me grow up, we’ll get to publish so many great books! And sure, some of us might not be the best writers, but that’s exactly the point. I can’t wait for there to be enough queer books for some of them to be bad. I know that there are some bad queer books now, but I want a ton of bad ones. I want there to be so many queer books that most of them are bad. I want queer literature to be as beloved and hated as cis and straight literature.

I want my generation to be the one that makes being queer a normal thing. I hope that one day people won’t see queer people as a sub-set of people; I just want us to be people. I don’t even want queer literature to be considered queer literature. I want it to just be literature. Hopefully we’ll get there. Hopefully some day we won’t be weird; we’ll just be normal. And maybe my generation won’t do it, but we can lead the way for the next generation just like the previous generations did for us. They’ll build on our work just like we will do to the work that has come before us. We all need to work together to normalize the queer experience. Maybe we can do it. I know that the world is very split today, but I hope that someday it won’t be as divided. Many people around the world (and especially in the U.S.) don’t view queer people as people, but that could change through generations. I don’t expect for that to happen soon, but it could eventually. I just want us to be normal people.

Okay, so in summary, I can’t wait to become a writer, and I can’t wait for all the kids like me to become writers. Once we grow up, we’ll help the fight to normalize being queer. I hope we can do it, and if we can’t then the generations after us can. I hope it happens eventually.

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