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| Oct 12, 2006
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the articles, blogs and posts here on TGForum, I’m busily scouring the web, looking for porn interesting articles and features for you, Dear Reader.  And I’ve come up with something interesting!  Again.

It’s called the Gender Guesser and its mission is to determine whether the author of any given work is male or female.  It does this by looking at the words used, how many, and so on. 

The creators stress that this is not definitive.  It’s not always correct in the guesses.  (That’s why they’re called guesses!)  But then again, there are times when men may communicate like women, and vice-versa.

Overall, men and women do have different styles of communication.  According to one website, men are more direct, while women “use more detail” leading up to the point.

We as transgendered folk spend a lot of time and money on voice lessons.  But do we give much attention to what is said, over how it’s said?

I wouldn’t visit the Gender Guesser, plug in my work and use the results as anything other than entertainment, or perhaps a tool for improvement. 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that most of the blogs and columns I plugged in from myself, came back as “male”, (including this one!).  But the blog where I vehemently denied I was transsexual, that came back as “female”.  Go figure.

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  1. Thanks, Ronnie. That was great fun. Interestingly, my tg-fiction comes out as female; and my essays on TGForum come out as male.