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| May 3, 2007
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What’s going on in the world? Who’s involved? Where did it happen? How will it affect you? Find out more in this edition of the TGForum News, as we cover TG’s in the schools and on the playground, a convention in Arizona, and as we lose one character on television, we get a new documentary!

Ever wish you could have spent your high school years in your gender of choice? Rochelle Evans is living the dream. In Texas, no less. CBS 11 TV (links open in a new window) in Fort Worth brings us details. Or, if you like NBC better, check out the coverage on Channel 5.

Christine Daniels’ announcement last week is still making waves. Find out more at

And ABC continues the coverage. Barbara Walters had a special on last week on TG children. I missed it. Did you as well? Let’s catch up together at

And then get the theological viewpoint on Barbara’s report on The Christian Post.

Something else I missed: April was drag queen month!  At least according to the Traditional Values Coalition, whoever they are.  But then, I think they’re being ironic.

Zoee’s storyline is done on All My Children. Get a review of the performance, the impact on American society, and the wardrobe at the Daily Intelligencer.

Zoee may be gone, but we still have Alexis. In movie form, no less. Check out the Huffington Post’s coverage of She’s My Brother.

What to do, what to do on a Wednesday night, in New York. There’s always drag queen bingo at Lips. And Time has time to tell you about it.

Speaking of drag queens, it seems they’re everywhere. Even Maine. Unfortunately for them, the audience is rather small, according to the Maine Campus.

And for pete’s sake people: Quit committing crimes en femme! You’re giving the rest of us a really bad name. has more.

The IFGE is holding a conference in Tuscon, Arizona, next year. Find out more through the Arizona Daily Star.

For your summer reading list, may we present Blind Curves? It’s written by a lesbian-TG couple. The San Mateo County Times has the story.

HIV/AIDS educators are getting through to the TG community in India. Read more at India eNews. Wonder how the message is sinking in elsewhere on the planet.

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