What’s dyslexia?

| Feb 3, 2014
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It seems like that children today show more diseases than in past times, probably we adults are more exigent and want them to be already perfect even at a really young age. In particular, many parents tend to expect too much from their babies, probably because they have only one child and want to get the maximum of satisfaction as a parent from him or her.

Anyways, teachers at school seem to be more severe as to those little defects that many children have, like the difficulty to pronounce particular sound of our language. This is something that will be naturally and gradually fixed with time. Sure, for some children it is easy to do things that some of their schoolmates will learn to do later. But what to do if a child is diagnosed with dyslexia?


Children at school

Dyslexia is in nearly all cases diagnosed at school, at the first years of the elementary school. It’s a form of difficulty in reading and writing, not due to a lack of skills. On the other hand, dyslexic people tend to develop extraordinary skills in art and music because their imagination is not linked to the world of the words. Most of dyslexic peoples show above average intelligence and creativity.

Spelling is also another difficult task for dyslexic children and they can develop a sort of bad reaction towards school and teachers.



Dyslexia is classified as a learning disability that gives problems in numbering and spelling words, both written and spoken.

People who are dyslexic can’t read or write in a correct way. It’s not like replacing locks, it’s about how the brain works. Children with dyslexia need more exercise and time to learn.

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