What Happens in Vegas

| May 12, 2014
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David waits in the lobby for you.

David waits in the lobby for you.

They say what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. Well, that may be so in most cases but one of the features of Las Vegas is that it’s home to drag legend David de Alba. You all know that so the knowledge certainly hasn’t been confined to the city limits. Who starts these myths about cities?

What’s also a known fact is that something will be happening in Las Vegas in June at 2:00 p.m. on June 22. What could it be? It’s a show! It’s only a few weeks away now and David gets anxious that he won’t have a full house for his A Lonely Stage, Tribute to Judy Garland. Of course he will, which is why we’re mentioning it before the middle of May. All de Alba and Garland fans may want to visit The Onyx Theatre website and order those tickets right now if you don’t want to be left standing on the sidewalk in the hot Vegas sun. Lord knows that sun will melt the makeup right off. It will be much better inside the cool theater listening to David’s Judy Garland impression.

Mr. de Alba also has friends who put his now hard to find CDs online so they can be heard by fans around the world. The latest CD to find its way to YouTube is from 2006 and is titled David de Alba — Still in the Groove! No need to visit YouTube though as we present it here for your listening pleasure.


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  1. cuban legend cuban legend says:


    To any of you who live in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas I encourage you to please come and see my June performance…also bring any members of your family and friends too….I know they will enjoy my Judy Garland Concert presentation.

    By the way, I am the only Finocchio Club performer who still works LIVE and in drag from that Golden Cast of 1970 to 1989….(because the very talented Lavern Cummings and Rene de Carlo have been retired for years)…so that leaves me all alone carrying the torch and keeping it alive for what Finocchio Club stood for!

    I want to thank especially Ms. Angela Gardner for her support toward me and my Art Form via this Forum.

    It will be an honor for me to meet any of you after my performance.

    You can get your tickets now on-line via the official Website of The Onyx Theater, or go in person to the theater’s box-office and that way you will have the best pick of the House’s seats.

    Thank you for reading my post, and God bless,
    Finocchio’s David de Alba.