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How To Be Sexy and Sophisticated in a Sheer Blouse

| May 12, 2014
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sheer_blouseNothing is quite as sexy as a sheer see-through blouse, but pulling it off so you look sophisticated too is another trick, and one rarely easy for the average crossdresser. Yet the sheer blouse can be the key element for a perfect feminine and elegant outfit.

Wearing the blouse on Girls Night Out is easy, but if you are full time and like the office look, it gets a little more tricky. Still, not to worry, because we have some smart tips and tricks that will let you wear the blouse with confidence

The most important trick in order to make the blouse wearable is to cover something, but not everything! This means that you must choose a suitable blazer, a fuller bra or apply pockets in the over-exposed areas. You could also wear two layers of sheer tops or choose a blouse that has only a few sheer parts. This will insure some modesty.

But frankly, as a part-time girl, I want to make a statement without being slutty or trashy. You are going to be noticed, but being noticed in a nice way, is the crux of our secret. Let’s look at some workable styles from All Women Talk which you can adapt to the occasion.

Layer It


Sheer-Layer it

One tip for how to wear sheer blouses involves some smart layering. Since sheer blouses often show what’s underneath, a slip worn below is a wise choice. Make things more interesting by teaming a neutral blouse with a colourful slip. Alternatively show off a stylish bra or crop top underneath for a more daring look. When layering over the top, pair a sheer blouse with a blazer for some structure or a knit sweater for warmth.

Keep It Loose


Sheer-keep it loose


Sheer blouses are best worn loose. The more fitted the sheer garment, the more risqué your look becomes. The look should be relaxed and floaty. Keep your sheer blouse chic by wearing one in a looser fitting style.

Button It Up


Sheer-button it up

Look sharp when it comes to how to wear a sheer blouse by buttoning it up all the way. Wearing it in such a conservative manner can help balance out the sheer and risqué nature of it all. Tuck it into a pencil skirt or pop on a blazer for an office-friendly look.

Pair Material Wisely


Gorgeous Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr is seen arriving at a studio with her little dog in hand in New York City


When you’re wearing a sheer blouse, it pays to pay attention to the rest of your outfit. Since sheer blouses can be quite voluminous, try creating structure on your bottom half by wearing stiffer fabrics. Also, take notice of sharp accessories that could possibly catch and pull on your sheer blouse.

Play Up Texture


Sheer-play up texture

Emphasise sheer fabrics by teaming them with contrasting textures. When thinking of ways to wear sheer blouses know that leather pants, faux fur vests, and brocade skirts are all chic options for this season.

Choose a Pattern


Sheer-choose a pattern

Draw attention away from the sheerness of a garment by choosing one in a bold pattern. It’ll add an interesting twist to your outfit and can also act as a bit of a distraction if you choose to simply wear a bra or crop top underneath.

When figuring out how to wear sheer blouses, it always pays to err on the side of caution. Remember that the fabric will appear more see through in bright lighting and underneath camera flashes so if you’re scared of any indecent exposure, it’s better to be safe than sorry when styling your shirt!


• For the weekend you can pair the sheer blouse with jeans and a long-sleeved tee
• For a night out wear it with a strapless camisole
• For a casual, day look team the blouse with a nude camisole or a tank top underneath
• Whenever buying a sheer blouse check the fabric
• Choose a blouse in a darker color that can be worn both by day and by night
• To accomplish a “rock on” style, wear a transparent blouse with a bold pattern and a mismatching tank top
• For a sophisticated look for the office or a serious gathering use a nude color tank top when wearing a dark see-through blouse
• For an elegant and sexy flair use a black delicate transparent blouse with a black bra under
• For a funky-party look, mix a black see-through top with a neon colored bra
• When using a patterned translucent shirt check if you can get away with not wearing anything under. Make sure it does not look vulgar
• For a fresh look, wear a white tank top with any soft palette transparent blouse.
• Be creative and use your favorite tube dress with a transparent blouse on top and a belt sitting on the waist
• For dark color translucent tops wear black bras
• To attain a seamless effect on light colored see-through blouses, match the blouse with the same tank top color.
• For extremely lady like and put together looks, pair a black tank top with a nude, salmon, or rose translucent blouse

When you browse the fashion magazines, more than likely your sheer tops will be on a bevy of 20 somethings, but as one over 40 blogger said, “I’m not dead yet.” Yes, you can wear this style if you are a more mature lady, but it’s important that your outfit is well put together like this one from Fabulous After 40.


Lastly, here are some video tips that I hope you find useful

What to wear under chiffon/see through shirts

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  1. tasidevil tasidevil says:

    Well the photos may be the smaller size gals, but the advice stands and it’s good for us plus size gals too (I’m one). The outfit from Fabulous After 40 is a plus size and check this blouse from Lane Bryant: The trend is good for all sizes. Hugs….Tasi

  2. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    And the most important tip of all: like the girls in the photos be a size 4 or 6 not a size 16.

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