Voice Treatment for MtF Trans Individuals

| Apr 10, 2017
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For most MtF individuals, the most important vocal treatment is raising their pitch to that of a CIS female. This is called their speaking fundamental frequency [SFF]. To be judged to have a female range the pitch should be at 172-187 Hz (cycles that the vocal cords vibrate). The higher the SFF, the more perceived female voice you will attain, especially without visual cues such as when speaking on the phone. If a visual cue is also present, a lower pitch can be spoken. During the first 30 seconds of meeting a person, the female perception is engrained in the listener’s mind and then the voice complements the visual look. As a starting vocal marker, the MtF individual should be brought to 160-165 Hz, so that the voice cannot be determined to be male or female. However if a pitch of 160 Hz is not achieved, the speech therapist can strive for a 145 Hz level and move to the next plateau.

Start singing up the scale from the key of C on the piano. Then go up one note to “D” and sing up the scale [do, re, mi, fa, etc]. Continue going up one note at a time trying to achieve 175 Hz without a struggle.

(Scale beginning at C.)


For good vocal resonance combine the ‘m’ sound with a vowel [ma, me, my, moe, moo, may] at your higher SFF and go up and down the musical scale. Chant: “I want to speak in that voice” at your SFF.

After one gets to the proper pitch, practice saying words, phrases, sentences with a forward focus of having speech come from the front of the mouth, without having any vibration when you speak from the chest or neck area. Read aloud anything in your female voice! And practice! Practice! Practice!

Marc Mitnick, MS, CCC-SLP is a board certified and licensed Speech, Language and Voice Pathologist who specializes in transgender voice modification in Ft Lauderdale, FL. You may contact him via email or visit his website. For a complementary consultation for voice modification therapy, call: 954-687-4631.

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Marc Mitnick, MS, CCC-SLP, Board certified and licensed Speech, Language and Voice Pathologist, Director, Your Speech Therapist, Inc.

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