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| Nov 30, 2020
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After a few serious articles, it’s time I got back to doing what I do best; talking about myself and movies. I may be a transgender girl by title, but I will always be lesbian in my heart. I have a relationship with a cisgender girl and we have made vows to each other and I consider her to be fully my wife. As such my wife and I define our relationship as lesbian.

I have a great affection for lesbian romance movies. Yes there is such a thing as a lesbian romance movie that actually has a plot and doesn’t come with a triple X. The list is really fairly long. So I want to talk about my favorites.

They really started making the lesbian romance movies in the ’60s. Even in the ’60s you could make those kind of movies as long as one of the leading ladies was evil and manipulating or the movie had a tragic ending so that all the rest of the world would still be in cosmic alignment. A good example is William Wylers, The Children’s Hour (1962). Two girls, Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine, have an all-girls boarding school. One of the more troubled students starts a rumor that quickly gets out of hand. Shirley MacLaine realizes that there may be a certain truth to the rumor and gives us the needed tragic ending.

So here is my list of must watch lesbian romance movies. Starting with my personal favorite and going on in descending order. Sort of, the order really depends on my mood and the day.

When Night is Falling (1995): This is a Canadian movie with Pascale Bussieres as a conservative Christian College school teacher who finds herself attracted to a traveling circus performer, Rachael Crawford. The love scenes in this movie are so well done, and is set to a pair high flying trapeze girls practicing their performance. The analogy works so well it the love scenes would be far less impactful without it. This movie hits my brain on so many levels. I come from a Christian background and struggled with the religion’s idea of biblical morals, and my wife is a little nutty too. Nuff’ said.

Girls like Magic (2015): A people pleasing British girl comes to America to follow her long time British boyfriend who is on the verge of being a successful writer. The plot thickens when the British girl, Silvia Baldassini strikes an unusual friendship with a hardened by life lesbian, Shantell Yasmine. The interaction between the two is so believable and so sweet you want them to be in love in real life. I watched it 3 times just to see these two talking to each other.

Saving Face (2004): How is this for a plot twist, a mostly closeted lesbian, Michelle Krusiec is suddenly forced to take in her unmarried pregnant mother. Things get even more complicated when a relationship starts to bloom between the girl and a stunning ballet dancer, Lynn Chen. So not only do you have the uncertainty of the two girls getting together but you have the mother who refuses to name the father of her unborn child. Spoiler alert, it all works out in the end.

The girls.

The Incredibly True adventures of Two Girls in Love (1995): This is falling in love the way it should be, but seldom is. There is just nothing about this movie not to like. A poor girl, Laurel Holloman who has been adopted by a lesbian household meets a well-to-do girl, Nicole Ari. Love blooms between the two girls and the rest of the world falls apart.

Better Than Chocolate (1999): I have to admit I was not expecting this movie to be this good. It was one of those nights when I said to myself, why not I’ve seen everything else. A young drop out girl who is still trying to find her place in life, Karyn Dwyer finds herself taking in her mother and her brother while just beginning a relationship with traveling artist, Wendy Crewson. There is so much going on in this movie with a plot twist that would take the rest of this article to explain. This movie has a great soundtrack, a transgender girl in love with a cisgender lesbian, and a homophobic coffee house owner who is okay with it all as long as it is not his place.

Below Her mouth (2017): You say enough with the kids’ stuff? You want a movie that gets down and dirty without the X rating? Here it is. An engaged up and coming fashion editor, Natalie Krill, strikes up a relationship with a butch roofer, Erika Linder. Wow, I’m not even going to describe the sparks that fly in this movie. Only to say try and find the unedited version, you won’t regret the extra work.

The Guest House (2012): A young misguided trouble girl, Ruth Reynolds has a bad break up with her equally troubled boyfriend. Enter her father’s attractive new employee, Madeline Merritt who is temporally staying in the guest house. Okay that much is not hard to figure out but everything that happens will keep you watching, I promise.

I can’t Think Straight (2008): This movie is all about what is expected from your family obligations and the longings that sometimes gets in the way. A feisty bride, Lisa Ray struggles to have a perfect wedding for her traditional Indian family, and the girl who she is strongly attracted to, Sheetal Sheth who also has a boyfriend. Sometimes love is more powerful than the things we know we should do.

Jenny’s Wedding (2015): Sometimes you just have to get married. I know I did. Katherine Heigl has to come out to her parents and her sister that she is getting married to a girl, Alexis Bledel. The conflict in this movie is so true to life that it really makes you stop and think. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Room In Rome (2010): Can you say date movie? The plot line is very simple. Two girls, Natasha Yarovenko and Elena Anaya spend the night in a hotel room getting to know each other really well, both physically and emotionally. As an extra bonus they spend the entire movie naked. This is a foreign film but there is an English version if you take the time to look for it.

Tru Love(s.i.c.) (2014): Younger lesbian Shauna MacDonald develops a relationship with a recently widowed older woman, Kate Trotter who is staying with her daughter Christine Horne. The daughter is not pleased with this arrangement and does to her best to sabotage a good thing. Hey Love is love.

Late Bloomers (1996): Make sure when you search this movie it is the one from 1996. I have to be honest the first 20 minutes is a little slow. Stick with it though it gets a lot better. High school office secretary, Connie Nelson has a failing marriage with the incredibly boring school math teacher. The school basketball coach, Dee Hennigan comes over for dinner and a little one on one basketball game with the math teacher. The one on one ends being between the secretary and the basketball coach. The high school is turned upside down and all seems hopeless. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart no matter what the world says.

Kiss Me (2011): Falling in love is always complicated, but when you are engaged and your love interest has a boyfriend then it gets messy. Not support to happen, right? So what if love is stronger than the current circumstances? Engaged woman, Ruth Vega Fernandez meets Liv Mjones at her mother’s and soon-to-be step dad’s engagement party. They try to resist each other but love wins in the end.

But I’m a Cheerleader (2000): This movie is just fun. When you want to watch something to just take you away from everything, then this is the one. A girl, Natasha Lyonne who considers herself to be a typical high school cheerleader is sent away to an over the top sexual reorientation center by her parents. There she meets tomboy Clea Duvall. So do they accept their budding romance or do they do the right thing for society? I’ll let you watch to find out.

Imagine Me and You (2006): During her wedding ceremony, Piper Peabo notices the flower shop owner, Lena Headey who is there to deliver flowers for the wedding. A friendship develops and then really develops. So what do you do when you are still a newlywed and find out that maybe you might have rushed things a little? You’ll just have to watch and find out.

These are only a few I could name. Maybe one of these days I will make a list of titles that you can look up yourself. Right now though I am tired and need to sleep so you will just have to make do with these recommendations.

As always, I am strong, I am beautiful and trans proud.

Chrissy Gann
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