TWIT Notes: Midweek Updates

| Jul 17, 2008
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The TWIT never sleeps! In this special update, we have another drag queen appearing on national TV, another battle over bathroom rights, and a special TWIT of the Mid-Week!

top17_100607.jpgFirstly, America’s Got Talent is rapidly turning into a drag show. Is that such a bad thing? This week, Dorae Saunders brought her Tina Turner impersonation to the stage. See the video at MySpace. And then get to know her a little bit better at Q-Notes Online.

Another TG showed up on video this week: Security video. The details are sketchy, but this is not how to go shopping in public. See the crime at 700WLW.

And a Cleveland swimming pool isn’t transgender-friendly. Read what they’ve done to one TS member at the Gay People’s Chronicle.

While we’re at it, we might as well mention the religious group in Colorado who says they love us, but hate our high heels. And the Intellectual Conservative isn’t too big on Barack Obama either.

We’re shocked, shocked!, to learn that most middle schools don’t have anti-bully rules to protect GLBT kids. ABC News has this shocking report.

Stay tuned! When transgender news breaks out, TWIT Notes breaks in!

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