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TWIT Notes: Holiday Edition

| Oct 26, 2007
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The TGF office is dark and lonely this week, as most everyone has taken off for the holidays. But, in one lonely corner cubicle, a little light shines. It’s the light of a writer who didn’t turn in her assignment on time.

The sound of an aging typewriter echos across the otherwise quiet room. It is a halting noise, as if the typist has to hunt and peck for the right letters. And if your ears were sensitive enough, if you were talented enough to pick out individual key sounds, you might hear them as T–W–I–T.

endaprotest.JPGDespite a last ditch attempt to amend “transgender” into the Employment Non Discrimination Act, ENDA will not likely come to a vote in the House of Representatives with the T intact. And who do we have to thank? Freshmen. Sounds like the hazing wasn’t strong enough. Read more at The Hill.

Still ENDA’s probably a moot point anyway. White House advisors have suggested to the President that he veto the measure. The Washington Blade has the icky details.

Remember the outpouring of support for a trans-inclusive ENDA? Well, the pushback has begun. Editorials at the Washington Blade abound. (That’s just one sample.)

The nominee to be the next Surgeon General is avoiding some controversy over a transgendered pastor. The Christian Post follows the story.

The Board of Education in Berkeley, California has added GLBT to the non-discrimination list. Read more at the Berkeley Daily Planet. And at Northwestern University, in Illinois, the students are calling for it. The Daily Northwestern picks up from there.

10% of transgendered people will be murdered!?!? That’s the claim by Gender Evolve and it’s used in a story on the Transgender Day of Rememberance in the Sydney Star-Observer.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, police are looking for an assault suspect. The victim is TS. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer carries the story.

dragshow.jpgHeavens to Betsy! There were drag queens on campus at the University of La Verne! If you’re wondering why that’s a problem, and where the University of La Verne is, the Campus Times should educate you.

There’s a new fight on who should pay for hormones and SRS for state prisoners. This time, the argument is in Wisconsin. has more.

A transgender candidate in Georgia needs your help! (But only if you’re a legal resident and registered voter in the State of Georgia.) Get more from the Southern Voice.

Ever wonder what happened to Pete Burns, the TS lead singer of Dead or Alive? Apparently, Pete is still hanging on to that 15 minutes of fame, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The debate over The Man Who Would Be Queen continues. Get more at GayWired.

And on a holiday note, I’ll bet you didn’t realize Halloween was a holy holiday for the GLBT community! It’s true! No! Really! At least according to!

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