Twit Awards for the Week 12/12/22

| Dec 12, 2022
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A man from Texas, Matthew Linder, has been charged with threatening a physician in Boston who has transgender youth as patients. For resorting to use violence to stop something which he does not understand, Matthew Linder gets a Twit Award, which he shares with all the people who kept repeating their claims about gender-affirming care for youth until he felt it was appropriate to take this sort of action. ABC News has this story from the A.P.

In Ohio, members of the Proud Boys and other protesters shut down a church’s drag-themed holiday story-time event. (This story comes from them.) A group of far-right protesters, including neo-Nazis, showed up with guns to stop charity event in Lakeland, Florida, which included a drag show. (This story comes from The Lakeland Ledger.) An electricity substation was attacked in North Carolina, and suspicions are that this was timed to prevent a drag show from going on. (LGBTQ Nation has the story of a right-wing activist who says she was questioned by the FBI about this incident.) All those who bring sabotage or the threat of violence to protests of drag shows, with no realization that children can clearly see that these are performers playing characters, share in a Twit Award.

Greg Kelly, who works for Newsmax, unleashed a rant in which he started by agreeing with Donald Trump’s call for the “termination” of the Constitution, and later said that allowing drag queens to read stories to children somehow violates his Constitutional rights. For logic so bad it is impossible to follow, Greg Kelly gets a Twit Award, which he shares with Newsmax, for employing him. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

FISM TV has a “report” in which Pedro Gonzalez of the American Principles Project reveals the “profitability” of transgender medicine. Perhaps their next report should be on the profitability of right-wing Christianity, such as what they practice. For tying themselves to a fringe political movement instead of to the Bible, and for ignoring the Sermon on the Mount in order to attack perceived enemies whom Jesus never said a word against, FISM TV gets a Twit Award.

Dennis Prager, a right-wing radio host and writer, claims that one cannot be transgender because males and females are “too different psychologically as well as physiologically. The psychological is much harder to change.” His example of how psychologically different males and females are is, “Guys insult each other if they really like each other. Will a trans man do that, given that it is not female nature to do that?” First off, it’s not the case that this is something all men do; one can be a man and not insult friends. Moreover, what exactly is to prevent a transgender man from insulting friends, if he has seen his male friends doing this? For laughably bad logic, with no connection to reality, Dennis Prager gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

American Girl, the doll company, came out with a book entitled Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image. The book does contain advice such as the fact that puberty blockers “give you more time to think about your gender identity.” Now, puberty blockers require prescriptions, which are not easy to get. Nonetheless, such right-wing sites as The National Review, The Daily Mail, and Fox Business have strongly condemned the doll maker for including this advice. For insisting on suppressing good medical advice in favor of a fringe view, and for pretending that advice from a doll company is so incredibly influential, these conservative sites get a Twit Award.

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  1. emily says:

    must pass on a joke I heard which has a lot of truth whatever your gender:
    men insult each other but don’t mean it
    women compliment each other and also don’t mean it