Turnabout: It is Better Than Fair Play — Part 4

| Dec 14, 2015
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Linda Jensen is writing about someone who happens to be named Linda who happened to visit her favorite nightclub in Montreal, Canada who happened to meet an old acquaintance she had known as a man but who now presented very much as a woman. To make a long story short the two had decided to take turns in the role of a man escorting a lady on their ‘first date’. The night before Linda had foregone her favorite evening dress and make up. Acting the perfect gentleman ‘he’ had accompanied his friend, Alexis, to the Montreal casino. This evening it would be Linda’s turn to be the lady on the gentleman’s arm. Here is how it went.

The next day was a memorable one in Canadian political history. The party’s leadership candidates’ addresses to the regional caucuses and the rumors of backroom maneuvering kept Doug busy chasing down stories and finding ‘reliable sources’ to be quoted and fed to his reporter colleagues. He did wonder if Alexis was among the reliable sources he sought out. It had been years since he had seen Alexis ‘in drab’ and he was sure he wouldn’t recognize him. ‘That would change tonight,’ he thought.

As always happens the rumors sorted themselves out. It became known that two candidates had agreed that whichever of the two were leading the other after the first ballot the other would throw his support behind the one leading. It was a blatant attempt to stop their main rival, the perceived frontrunner of the race.

But I digress. No one is here to learn the inner workings of Canadian politics. Suffice it to say that Doug/Linda was able to wrap things up and slip away in plenty of time to get ready for her big date. She had time for a nice warm bath, and a relaxing time applying her make-up and laying out her clothes for the evening. As she expected to go dancing Linda chose a dress with a low-cut neckline and a modest A-line skirt that allowed for some flaring as she twirled. Her heels would be limited to one inch. She did not like the feeling of towering over her dance partner.

After checking to make sure she would be ready, Alexis/Alex knocked on Linda’s door precisely at 7 p.m. “Thank you for that call,” Linda said, “There is nothing I hate worse than a man showing up at my door while I am still fixing my wig.”

“Pour vouz, mademoiselle,” said Alex as he presented her with a small package.

“Bien, merci,” smiled Linda. Opening the package she exclaimed, “Gorgio, you remembered! I will put some on now.” Alex helped her open the package. She sprayed a little on each side of her neck and on her right wrist, a long-standing superstition of hers.

For dinner Linda had chosen that Alex would take her to the Baton Rouge, a popular steak house downstairs in the same complex as their hotel. “But I’m glad you brought a jacket,” she said, “We will be taking a taxi to our next destination.”

Why the Baton Rouge? It is a large restaurant with lots of opportunities for people-watching. The somewhat vain Linda was looking forward to other people watching her with her handsome man, for indeed Alex turned out to be as handsome and fit as Alexis was beautiful.

The crowd at the Baton Rouge did not disappoint as lots of eyes raised and heads turned as the tall well-dressed couple passed their tables. The rule about no interest in a woman accompanied seemed to be suspended for the evening. Alex followed his cues perfectly, holding her chair as Linda was seated and ordering the drinks and meals for both of them. Linda thought she could sense jealousy from the women around at this display of chivalry, long forgotten by their own partners.

It was a wonderful dinner. They enjoyed their steaks and Alex ordered just the perfect bottle of red wine. Linda did recognize a few people in the crowd but no one seemed to recognize her. If anyone recognized Alex they were too discreet to come over to say anything. Even among political cronies apparently what happens in Montreal stays in Montreal.

Too soon the dinner was over. “What next, my love?” asked Alex.

“We are going to get some exercise,” Linda replied, “and you’d better be good or I’m going to make you good!” They made their way to the nearest cab stand. Linda gave directions to the cabbie using her perfect Quebecois dialect French.

Soon they arrived at a large nightclub with a parking lot nearly filled. “What is this place, Le Rendezvous?” asked Alex.

“It is one of the last great singles’ clubs in North America. You know fewer people are going to night clubs to meet their next mate. They prefer to do their selections on-line. Not here in Montreal. This place will be packed with singles looking to connect and with couples who just like to dance. We fit in the latter category, by the way. Don’t get any ideas.”

Paying their admission, Alex followed Linda in to the large and busy nightclub where they found space at a stand-up table. No sooner than they were settled than an early Beatles tune came on. “Oh good. They are still playing oldies. Let’s go,” said Linda as she grabbed Alex by the hand and literally pulled him to the dance floor.”

As they moved to the music Linda could see that Alex was comfortable and could move with the beat. ‘This promises to be a great evening,’ she thought. The Beatles were followed by a slow tune, a ‘frappe plot’ as they call it in Quebec. Literally that refers to the practice of a man and woman rubbing their genitalia against each other as they danced, a popular move among couples of a different era. A few couples left the dance floor, more joined but Linda and Alex stayed right there. ‘He IS a good dancer,” she commented to herself as the couple did a sort of foxtrot around the floor. Linda loved the feeling of his right arm around her waist, her left hand on his shoulder. She was not disappointed that Alex avoided the ‘frappe plot’ part. ‘The night is still young’, she thought.

Linda will never forget the next song that was played: Pretty Little Angel Eyes. The title sounds like a slow sexy song but it is anything but. Fast and energetic, it has pauses and changes of tempo. It had always been one of Linda’s favorites of the old-time rock and roll era. She also felt dubious that the young looking Alex had ever heard this song let alone would he be able to dance to it. She was prepared to leave the floor with most of the others.

“Okay, let’s see if you have anything.” It was Alex speaking as he held out his hand. She took it and for a moment they stood still in a starting position waiting for the beat where they could join in. “. . . Angel eyes, I really love you so. Angel Eyes I’ll never let you go.” With that Alex and Linda were off at a torrid pace as he twirled her and she kept up. She liked how his movement of his left hand gave her clues as to where she was to turn. From experience she knows to hold her right arm just stiff enough to accept and read those clues. The song has some pauses. Alex must have known the song as he choreographed the couple perfectly to pause with the music. It was as if they had been dancing together for years.

As they danced Linda noticed that some couples were moving to the side of the floor, partly to catch their breath and probably partly to admire the couple with so much style. As the number finished some couples applauded. Linda and Alex smiled back.

That pretty well set the tone for the evening. Linda learned that Alex also loved to dance. They danced every style that was offered which included lots of Latin and some Caribbean tunes. One funny thing happened when Linda excused herself to the ladies’ room. A lady of about the same age approached her to ask if she could have a dance with Alex. “Tom mari est un si bon danseur,” she said.

“Yes he is but he is not my husband,” Linda replied. The lady got her dance. And another lady got her dance and another before Linda had to intervene to assert her rights to the handsome dancer.

The evening ended pretty well the same way the previous evening ended. The couple returned to Alex’s suite where they made love, this time naturally with Alex playing the male role. At Alex’s request Linda re-applied a touch of her new perfume. She noticed the roses were looking even more beautiful than they had the night before. She enjoyed his passion. Even more she enjoyed the passion she felt in herself. ‘My God, I could really love this man,’ she thought.

Eventually the interesting part of the weekend came to an end. Did Alex and Linda live happily ever after? Yes, but not with each other. Both went back to their ‘drab’ lives but occasionally they will exchange e-mails and talk about the next time. With another big political convention on the horizon that next time may be happening sooner rather than later.

In the meantime when she travels Linda continues to search for the elusive perfect gentleman or seek opportunities to re-live her turnabout weekend with other t-girls.

Linda’s closing advice to readers: For years I think the TG/CD life has been defined by a series of closets. If we weren’t sharing our CD activity with anyone or telling anyone we were described as being ‘in the closet.’ When we got the nerve to go out to a support group meeting, probably changing at a nearby motel or at the meeting itself we were really just changing our small closet for a slightly larger one. Going to gay clubs with drag shows meant a slightly larger closet still. All of these closets are fine and work for many. But my friends show us that there is a wonderful fun world outside the closets and taking turns escorting each other just may be the right way to enjoy that world.

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Canadian writer Linda Jensen is a long time contributor to TGForum. Before the days of the Internet Linda started her writing with the Transvestian newspaper. Her writing ranges from factual accounts of her adventures to fiction although frankly sometimes her real life adventures are stranger than the fiction. Linda is married to a loving partner who upon learning about Linda said, "she was part of you before I met you. Although I didn't know it she was part of the package I fell in love with. I don't want to mess up that package." "Does it get any better than that?" asks Linda.

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