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| Dec 14, 2015
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Dear Readers,

Holiday-Party-FashionWelcome to Official Holiday Glam Season! Time to dig around in your closets for something seriously festive to wear to all those fancy parties. What to wear? Well, I have been reading up on this year’s fashions, and am at odds with them. Apparently, those in the know would like us to run out and buy. — PASTELS! Huh? I don’t know about youse, but I say a big NO to subdued winter glamour.

We wait all freakin’ year to slap on some RED dresses, GOLD tops, SILVER skirts and one hell of a lot of rhinestones, sequins and cherry-red velvet. And fur, fake or otherwise. Plus, as this seems to be a “new trend,” that means you gotta spend money on stuff! If you have it, that’s great, but if you don’t, please feel free to, uh, drag out last year’s finery.

“But,” you may whine, “I wanna get something NEW!” Of course you do. And if you can, get something great. If you can’t quite scrape up the dough for new apparel, here’s a quick way to update last year’s finery — ACCESSORIZE! Consider gorgeous scarves, a new and daring sweater or an almost sinfully short skirt.

A gorgeous shiny new necklace and earrings could just do the trick. Hop over to Macy’s, or one of the FABULOUS rich-lady thrift shops around, and I bet you can re-purpose yourself something great. Where to go?

Here are some thrift shops in my area. If you investigate with the Google you can no doubt dig up some similar shops in your immediate vicinity.

Riddle Hospital Thrift Shop. It’s right by Riddle Hospital, and I once got a COACH bag there for FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

Junior League Thrift Shop, Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore. Wonderful consignment buys.

The Hamper Shop of Lankenau  Hospital, on Lancaster Ave. in Narberth. Mostly tiny clothes, but also killer jewelry.

And never forget — Bryn Mawr Thrift, the Mother of all Thrift Shops. Several floors of serious rich-lady duds.

There is also the Lansdowne Ave. Thrift Shop, but they’re kinda snotty. They DO frequently have good stuff.

Not to miss — on Pechin Street in Manayunk is the Salvation Army Family Store — GREAT pickins!

Greene St. Consignment, several locations, has good wares, but not much in larger sizes. Excellent jewelry, though. [Ed. Note: Not a charity operation.]

One of my personal favorites is Philly AIDS Thrift — GREAT buys, and a lot of beautiful vintage items. [Ed. Note: Shoppers at Philly AIDS Thrift may end up with items donated by the editor.]

The other great thing about most of these Thrift Palaces is that while you are decking yourself to the teeth, you are also helping out good organizations.

I gotta go, lots of latkes to fry, and alterations to do.

Happy Whatever you celebrate, and have a gorgeous and festive year ahead! Sacrifice a white bra for Santa TODAY!

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