TransVocalizers — Videos from Coco Peru & Calperina Addams

| Jun 16, 2014
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Coco Peru

Coco Peru

It’s Pride Month and in honor of that Coco Peru has made her first music video for a song entitled Show Me Your Pride. Long time fans and followers of Coco know that she has spent years perfecting the stage persona and comedic character of Coco. A music video is new territory for her, but you’d never know  this isn’t a regular part of her show — it’s that well done, and Coco really does have an excellent singing voice.

I was more than pleasantly surprised by the video and her vocal ability. I felt the effort warranted even the briefest of explanations and Coco was graciously willing to answer a few questions.

TGForum: I’m not familiar with this song. Did you write it?

Coco Peru: No. I wrote the monologue in the middle of the song, but the music was written by The Crush Boys from Germany and the lyrics are by Charlie Mason, who also wrote the lyrics to the song that Conchita Wurst just won the Eurovision contest with.

TGF: Who played on the song and where was it recorded?

CP: I recorded my vocals here but everything else was mixed in Germany by The Crush Boys.

TGF: Where was the video filmed?

CP: The video was filmed here in L.A. at our beautiful LGBT Center.

TGF: Will this be released as a single?

CP: It’s available on iTunes.

TGF: Any further recording plans in the future?

 CP: No. This was a song that Charlie asked me to sing and I said yes. Honestly, it was outside my comfort zone, but when I look back on my life most of my success has come when I stepped outside my comfort levels, so I said I agreed to do it. I’m so happy that I did.

I have to say as a music reviewer and also as someone who listen to way too much music, I was truly impressed with this previously unknown aide of Coco Peru. She says she doesn’t want to record more music, but hey, if the comedy thing doesn’t work out I would love to hear more, and would be proud to include any further musical endeavors by Coco Peru in my collection.


As stated, the tune is available through iTunes. Also, please check out Coco’s website at; also on Vine, instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

calperniaAnother interesting video that came my way recently was sent by Calpernia Addams. This was shot during a live acoustic set she played for Our Lady J’s Queer Cabaret in Venice, CA on May 29th. The video is her entire set and is just over 31 minutes long.

Anyone who has followed Cal’s career over the years knows that she is an accomplished musician, as well as a singer, actress, public speaker, and activist. This particular video showcases her violin and autoharp playing as well as her vocals. She also seems to have changed her personal style/appearance to something akin to old school Hollywood glam. It fits her remarkably well. Enjoy.

Check out Cal’s web sit at, and also check out some of her more recent non-musical YouTube videos such as the Midnight Motorcycle Ride Through Hollywood and a recent posting of a 1973 short film of trans activist Sylvia Rivera at The Christopher Street Liberation Rally. Also on iTunes, Bandcamp and Facebook.


Jennifer Leitham

Jennifer Leitham

Jennifer Leitham

In many of the last postings of this and our companion Perpetual Change column, I’ve made mention of Jennifer Leitham’s recent recording project fund raising campaign via the web site Indiegogo. Enough was raised to cover the cost of her next two projects. She’s completed the basic tracks for the first one, and will also be starting work on a Christmas CD in July. No firm release dates have been set yet. The Jennifer Leitham Trio will be performing June 21st, 8 PM at Zipper Concert Hall, Colburn School of Music, 200 South Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA. For more information on this performance, please check out, and also; also on Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon.

Georgie Jessup

de_alba01For those of you on the East Coast, just a reminder to check out Georgie Jessup’s CD release party for her new project, Philosopher Dogs, on June 21st at Edith May’s Paradise, 7711 Apple Ave., Jessup, MD, 410-799-3755. Check out Edith May’s on Facebook, as well as

David de Alba

Okay, back to the other end of the country — Las Vegas, NV — we’d like to remind you about David de Alba’s newest tribute to Judy Garland, entitled A Lonely Stage, to be presented June 22, 2 PM, at The Onyx Theatre, 953 East Sahara Ave., B 16, 702-732-7225. For more information, please check out, as well as

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