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TransVocalizers — CD Review: “Introducing Foxjazell”

| Aug 15, 2011
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Foxxjazell is the first transgendered rapper to make a major dent in the world of mainstream hip-hop/rap.  An interview with her was the February feature in this column.  In March, we ran a review of her newest release, Boy, Girl, Whateva . . ..

What impressed me about Foxx is her tenacity and her strength.  Her musical genre of choice is the most homophobic and misogynistic in the industry.  Yet, she not only survives, but has put together a thriving career.  This is no mean feat, considering the attitudes from industry people she’s had to overcome.

After reviewing Boy, Girl, Whateva . . ., I was curious what her first project sounded like.  Introducing . . . Foxxjazell, released in 2008, is quite a well done production for a first album.  Foxxjazell and Davide Laffe produced the project’s 13 tracks, and managed to avoid the one trait that so many hip-hop albums seem to fall into:   everything sounding the same.  Introducing . . . avoids that by including R&B flavored moments, along with interesting instrumentation.  It maintains gangsta cred with very liberal use of the “F” word and the “N” word.  Lyrics to some of the cuts, especially “F**K N****S” leave nothing to the imagination.  Foxxjazell isn’t a corporate manufactured “Idol,” pop princess.  She’s the real deal who has earned her right to speak her mind the old fashioned way — hard work, one gig at a time.

The project starts off with I’m Gon Do Me, which actually has a rock feel to it, albeit with a techno groove.

The aforementioned unusual instrumentation moments can be found on Jaded, Faded, which is borderline dissonant (much like the relationship it describes); and Hip-Hop Don’t Stop, which is practically only a beat with a rap over the top.

The most musical moments can be found on Used, Get On The Grind, and the dance track Sexual Thang.  One short piece called Girl Talk is more or less a brief phone conversation between two girl friends concerning a really bad date.

Stand out tracks on Introducing . . . Foxxjazell include Priority, an R&B groove; Friends, an incredibly positive tune about how much we really need each other (“. . . my friends, they like family/if I had no friends, where would I be?”), which is also in a sort of easy listening, R&B mode; Don’t Drive, a very musical dance track; and Protection.

If I had to pick just one stand out track on this album, it would be Protection.  It has a laid back, almost gospel feel at the beginning, before hitting an R&B flavored groove.  Next to the aforementioned Friends, this tune also contains an incredibly positive message.  The chorus leaves no guess work regarding what type of Protection is being discussed.   In part (because they were hard to figure out over bad speakers…), the lyrics to the chorus say:

“I need protection from all the haters in my life
Protection, they wanna see me and fight
Protection from jealousy…
Protection from the ones who wanna attack
Protection from behind my back
Protection, is that too much to ask?”

If you’re not familiar with Foxxjazell, or only know her from her recent work and live performances, her first project Introducing . . . Foxxjazell is something you should check out.  First albums are, well, first albums.  No matter the genre, first releases by any new artist usually suffer from small budgets and little or no promotion.  I don’t know how much time, money, or promotion was put into this project, but it doesn’t matter.  The album sounds like the work of a seasoned performer who spared no expense during the recording process.

Introducing . . . Foxxjazell is an impressive first outing.  It’s easy to forget Foxxjazell is transgendered — she’s an outright babe with an incredibly sexy voice.  The proof that it all works is in the fact that she’s making the kind of mainstream waves that ensure she’ll be around for a long time.

Check out Foxxjazell’s website.  She is also on Youtube, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.  Foxx’s CDs are available on Amazon as well as her website.


There’s quite a lot going on for some of the artists who have been featured in this column and our companion Perpetual Change column, plus there’s a boat load of new dance music out there, so sit back and get comfortable — we have a lot to discuss.

Beth Isbell

Beth Isbell
Beth Isbell, singer/songwriter/musician from Oklahoma has put together a band she calls BeThisBell.  Formed in April 2011 by Beth Isbell (vocals, guitar, bass) and Justin Hays (vocals, guitar, bass), the band now includes Sean Henry (vocals, guitar, bass), and Derek Davison (drums, percussion).  Beth describes the band as “. . . a really interesting mix of influences with a cutting edge feel and a psychedelic sound that is the perfect musical companion for a really good acid trip!”.  (Check out, which also has links to various performances, videos, as well as YouTube.)

Chaos And Lace
Chaos And Lace was featured in our companion Perpetual Change column back in June.  The band’s debut album is now finished.  It can be accessed through the band’s Facebook page, as well as on Soundcloud.

Coco Peru

Coco Peru
Coco Peru has several upcoming shows, all over the country.
Aug. 24. – R. Lounge, 11608 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA. ( info at 818-755-9548)
Aug. 26, 27, 28 – Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St., Provincetown MA, (info at
Aug. 31 – Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach, 35 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, DE. ( info at
Sept. 2 – The Manor Complex, 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL. (info at
Sept. 3 – Hamburger Marys, 1600 E. 7th Ave., 2nd Floor, Tampa, FL. (info at 813-241-6279)
Sept. 23, 24, 25 – The Onyx Theatre, 953 E. Sahara, #16, Las Vegas, NE.  (info at
Sept. 15 – The Rose Room, Dallas, TX.  More information and tickets coming soon.
(There are also other dates scheduled for later in the fall, which we’ll post next month.)


Ellie Goulding Lights
A remix EP from the album Lights is now available.  All dance tracks, with the exception of track #8, the laid back Max Gordon remix.

Neon Hitch  Bad Dog
Bad Dog remixes from the upcoming album Beg, Borrow, And Steal, includes an instrumental version and a vocal only version.   Neon Hitch is on tour through the end of the month.

Katrina OPM
OPM, the second single from her upcoming album In The Blink Of An Eye. Available on iTunes.

Nicole Scherzinger
The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer has released a disc of remixes of Right There, which will appear on her upcoming Killer Loves album.  On track on the remix EP features 50 Cent.

Midnight Red
Midnight Red is the newest “boy band” to hit the market with a release of an EP that contains their first single, One Club At A Time, and Step By Step.  Available on iTunes.

Rye Rye & Robyn
Rye Rye has released a remix disc of New Will Be Mine, featuring guest vocalist Robyn.  This is from her debut album Go! Pop! Bang!, to be released in the fall.

Israeli singer Meital has released a remix disc of the tune Yummy Boyz, from her upcoming album I’m In Hate With Love.

Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey has released a disc of remixes of Dance Without You.  The original version of the somg appears on her upcoming Invisible album, out this fall.

Thanks for your indulgence…that’s it for this month.  Go have fun, but be safe while doing whatever.

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