TransTainment 10/3/22

| Oct 3, 2022
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Sam Smith and Kim Petras have a hit song titled Unholy and they’ve just released a provocative and sexy video that’s set in an underground sex club called The Body Shop. Check it out right here.

Grant Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer who has written many stories for DC Comics, including Doom Patrol, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batman. For Marvel Morrison has written New X-Men, Marvel Boy, and Marvel Knights. Morrison identifies as what we would call nonbinary but they don’t like being labelled, although they use singular they pronouns. They admit to crossdressing since the age of 10 and having experience in the world of drag. Which serves them well in their first foray in to prose fiction, a novel titled Luda. You can read all about the book on

Web Weaver working it.

Speaking of comic books. . . . In the Marvel Spider-verse there are many, many versions of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman but they’ve been joined by a new rendition of the web slinger. Say hello to Web-Weaver, a decidedly queer version of our hero. What is Web-Weaver’s origin story? A not so mild-mannered fashion designer pushes Peter Parker out of the way of the radioactive spider and takes the bite instead. The flamboyantly attired hero arrives in comic stores on October 5 in one of the stories included in Edge of Spider-verse #5. While they are identified as gay there is a pronounced feminine quality to their Web-Weaver costume. Will there be room in the Spider-verse for a crossdressing version of Spidey? We can only wish for her.

The winner of Canada’s Drag Race S3, Gisele Lullaby celebrated by dropping a new single titled Je Ne Sais Quoi! Check it out right here.

The Roundabout Theatre Company and American Repertory Theater co-production of 1776 began Broadway previews September 16 at the American Airlines Theatre. The  musical is about the founding fathers on the brink of signing the Declaration of Independence. The production’s founding fathers are described as “cool, cool considerate men” and the cast is composed entirely of performers who identify as female, transgender, and non-binary. The limited Broadway engagement runs through January 8, 2023, and will be followed by a national tour, kicking off February 14 in Philadelphia. Learn more from Playbill.

Jamie Clayton as Pinhead.

The Hellraiser reboot premiers this week and we finally get to see the beautiful Jamie Clayton as super creepy Pinhead. The film was shown to attendees of Fantastic Fest last week and most of them thought Clayton was just as creepy as Pinhead from the 1987 flick—if not more so. Get more comments on the film from Uproxx,

Alex Newell

The world premiere of new Broadway-aimed musical Shucked has revealed full casting for its run at Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City. One of the stars is Alex Newell portraying Lulu. The show is being touted as a musical comedy and singing is one of Newell’s strong talents. Along with looking fabulous in drag. The show runs from October 28 to November 12.

Justin Vivian Bond has crossed the pond to perform in a month-long limited engagement with Anthony Roth Costanzo in their “musical fantasia” Only An Octave Apart. They will be singing songs with their unique interpretations expressing queer identities with classical and pop music. They will be at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. If you’re in the vicinity and want to partake of the show you can get tickets here.

Patti Harrison

Fans of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may have noticed that Patti Harrison appeared as a bride to be in a stand-alone wedding episode. The episode title is Just Jen and it dropped on September 22. Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-
Hulk, is invited to be a bridesmaid at a friend from school’s wedding. Harrison portrays the friend, Lulu. The cool thing here is that a transgender woman is playing a woman. No reference to her gender status.

Another instance of that type of casting is seen in an episode of Atlanta. New Jazz aired on May 5 and featured trans actress Ava Grey as Lorraine, a woman who meets Paper Boi, one of the show’s stars, as he wanders around Amsterdam high on some potent drug. Grey’s gender status is not mentioned.

But, back to Patti Harrison. Her role in The Lost City as social media manager to Sandra Bullock’s character is another role that accepts her as a woman with no reference to the character’s gender status.

Harrison is also working on her stand up act and will be on tour starting this month. Learn more about her from The Guardian.

That’s TransTainment for now! I’ll be back next month with all the news on transgender entertainers.

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