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| Dec 12, 2022
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Alison Chris Myers

Allison Myers has been appointed Chair of the Civil Services Commission of New Jersey. She is the first openly transgender person to serve in a cabinet-level position in New Jersey. This story comes from WHYY public radio.

The FBI arrested Salih Alhemoud, a man who set up dates with a transgender woman on Grindr and then beat and robbed her. KHOU-TV has this story. The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas has requested that other transgender women who might have been attracted by this individual come forward and tell their stories.

A long article in Insider shows that transgender women are often victims of violence by intimate partners.

A former staffer for a Los Angeles city council member was handcuffed and hogtied as Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies entered her home without a warrant. The incident was recorded on video, according to Knock LA.

A transgender woman, Day Rodas, was found dead under suspicious circumstances, after her family reported her disappearance to the police. An autopsy revealed that she died of a drug overdose. KABC-TV has this story.

Insider reports that more than one-third of homicides of transgender women in the United States in the last five years are unsolved.

The next two years are likely to bring proposed legislation on transgender health care, among other topics. The Hill has this story.

A story in Fox News reviews the current bans on gender-affirming medical care for minors.

Dylan Mulvaney

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney responded to complaints from anti-transgender people by giving away tampons. This story comes from them.

Dylan Mulvaney was also one of those who joined Dolly Parton as the star of country music posted her first TikTok video. This story also comes from them.

Republican state Representative Jim Olsen has filed a bill which would ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender people under the age of 21 in that state. The Advocate has this story.

The Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine has extended the comment period on its proposed ban on puberty blockers and HRT for minors. Apparently, they originally listed the wrong URL for electronic comments. This story comes from WFSU public media.

A judge has ruled that the North Carolina State Health Plan, the health care plan for teachers and state employees, must cover gender-affirming care, both medicines and surgery. SHRM has this story.

In Ohio, the legislature has amended the pending transgender athlete bill. The legislature removed the clause which would have solved a dispute about a student’s gender with a genital examination. This story comes from The Columbus Dispatch.

A transgender woman submitted her resignation to the Ashland, North Carolina, school board, after a local pastor misgendered her and otherwise abused her. The incidents had the opposite of the intended effect–the board is extending extra effort to see that transgender students are not denied their rights. WLOS-TV has this story.

In Edmond, Oklahoma, a transgender student was involved in what is described as “an assault” in a restroom at Memorial High School. Under Oklahoma law, if a school allows a transgender student to use the restroom associated with his or her gender identity, the school could lose 5% of its funding. This story comes from Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.

An article in JD Supra reviews the rights of transgender students, as established by court decisions.

Chris Beck

Fox News reports that former Navy Seal Kristen Beck has decided transitioning was a mistake and destroyed her life. He is now preaching against transitioning and has changed his name back to Chris. 

Lawyers for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the man accused of the Club Q attack, used male pronouns in reference to their client in a court hearing. Some people on the Internet assume that this means that the lawyers are giving up claims that their client is non-binary. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Science Based Medicine has a long article detailing where a recent article in The New York Times got its science on puberty blockers wrong.

Elliot Page let it be known that he is releasing a new biography next year, entitled Pageboy. He also let us see the cover. has this story.

The true story of a transgender woman from the Philippines who joined the Yakuza is the inspiration for a new movie to be called Chameleon. Variety has this story.

The new Lensa app is making a big splash on the Internet. Transgender people say that the resulting images can cause gender euphoria, although there are some caveats, according to

The Advocate reports that some drag queens are now hiring security details for their shows, because of threats from right-wing zealots.

In a recent tweet, Sarah Philmore, a lawyer and the co-founder of Fair Cop, a gender-critical group whose idea of “fair” is complete agreement with them, said she wanted “the heads of all the Mermaids trustees.” This tweet tells you quite a lot about the state of gender rights in Britain, and a lot about the state of permissible speech on Twitter. PinkNews has this story.

Dani St. James

Dani St James used painful methods in the past and was frustrated and decided to develop her own line of underwear and swimsuits that give a good tuck without pain. Her designs are so comfortable and effective that they are being used by the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. Learn more from BBC News.

A report by the Telegraph finds that, as Mermaids and the Tavistock & Portman Gender Identity Service are attacked, people are turning to the Dark Web to get puberty blockers and HRT. This should be a lesson for politicians in the U.S., but probably will not be.

Various religious groups in Britain had a viewing of an alleged documentary, entitled Adult Human Female. The documentary is actually a retelling of various TERF statements. Smelling a rat, some people who accept transgender rights went to protest at some showings of the movie. The producers of the film called the police, even though the protests were entirely peaceful, according to PinkNews.

Vladimir Putin has signed into law the strengthening of the anti-LGBTQ restrictions in Russia. The Advocste has a report from CNN Newswire.

Pakistan has opened its first public school for transgender students in the city of Lahore. This story comes from The Tribune of India.

Officials in Qatar arrested a transgender woman whom they charged with “impersonating a woman.” They forced her to remove breast tissue from her body, according to a story in LGBTQ Nation.

Katya Saunders

Maltese model Katya Saunders passed away on January 31, 2019, the whole of Malta took notice. She was the island nation’s first openly trans woman and she became a sought after model for photographers in London and New York City. She was featured on Vogue magazine alongside Karl Lagerfeld. A book about her life titled Katya – Easy on the Tonic will be out December 17th. For more information read an article about her in Lovin Malta.

PinkNews has a report of all the countries in which it is illegal to be LGBTQ, and it turns out that those laws always stem from a colonial past.

An editorial in The Clarion encourages us to carry the spirit of transgender awareness month into the rest of the year.

Trans News Now is assembled by Cecilia Barzyk with additional content and editing by Angela Gardner. Care to make a comment on this post? Login here and use the comment area below.

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