Tiffany Club Parties in Randolph

| May 27, 2013
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Mechelle and Linda at the Randolph.

Stacey from Tiffany and Linda at the Randolph.

In some ways I think the Internet and particularly Internet dating is hurting businesses such as night clubs and singles clubs that market to the singles crowd. It seems easier for the single guy or gal to arrange a meeting over coffee than to get dressed up, go out to a club and take the chance that one is going to make a positive first impression. The same seems to go for the old t-girl gathering places. Across the country so many of the great ones have disappeared. Many blame the Internet.

However in my world, the world of the traveling crossdresser, the Internet is a priceless tool to find events that are along my route. My recent trip to Provincetown, Mass. is an example. Any trip to or from Cape Cod takes one to or near Boston. Boston is a great place to be ‘gender alternate.’ It has been for a long time. Tapestry Magazine, IFGE and the Tiffany Club were among my first sources of information back in the last century when TG information came to me via the post office box.

Looking for something to do in Boston I started my Internet search with Tiffany Club and Boston. One click and there it was:  As if they knew the question I was going to ask there on the home page was this:

Another outing! Join Tiffany Club at our second visit to the Randolph Country Club Saturday, May 11,  dancing and fun. RCC, 44 Mazzeo Drive, Randolph, MA,  is an alternative night club thirty minutes south of Waltham, with a long history of being trans friendly.

We will open Tiffany Club in Waltham starting around 6:00 until 8:00 pm for those who want to dress or car pool. Then we will meet at RCC in Randolph to dance the night away. Or at least until their extra late 2:00 am closing time. They have DJ’s, live entertainment and a bar outside by a large swimming pool, although it might not be warm enough for that yet.

Hey, that was do-able. I would have to advance my trip by one day but it would be worth it. How often does one get to go to a party at a country club? ‘Randolph Country Club: I’ve got to check that out,’ I thought. Well okay, unless you count a beach volleyball court and a small pool, the Randolph Country Club is not so much of a golf and tennis type country club as it is a gay club out in the country. I heard that there may have been a golf club there at one time but the golf terrain had long since been sold off for housing and warehousing.

So there I was driving along Mazzeo Dive in Randolph in the dark looking for the RCC. First in one direction then in the other it wasn’t until my third pass that it occurred to me that all those cars parked in behind that warehouse might be where the club is located. Bingo! My Garmin had been right all along.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. I was greeted at the door by a cheery sweet boy who happily took my cover charge and complimented me on my dress. (I bet they say that to all the girls, just like a restaurant server will tell you that your menu selection was an excellent choice).

Karaoke was in full swing as I made my way to the bar to get my one drink. To one side were several ladies who I read to be Tiffany Club girls. They complimented me on my dress and thankfully told me of the adjoining larger dance bar where most of the Tiffany Club girls “were at.”

Just as it had been in the karaoke room the dance bar crowd was mixed. The Tiffany girls stood out above the others. There were also groups of twink-type young men, older bears, dykes, lipstick lesbians and probably many other of the sub groups that make up the LGBT culture.

I was soon introducing myself to the Tiffany crowd (while at the same time checking out some of those gorgeous ‘lipstick lesbians.’ (Oh to be 20-something again and , oh yes, a girl.)

I can’t remember all the names but for sure Paula, the Tiffany club leader and Stacey, their web mistress stood out. So did Jodi who fronts an all t-girl band called Jodi Jolt and the Volts. You can find them on Facebook.

Was it a wild, raucous evening? Hardly; we danced a bit and chatted a lot, just like almost everyone else there. The Tiffany girls tended to leave early. One said her wife thought she was at the gym. Ouch!

Paula, Stacey and I stuck it out until after midnight. It was an enjoyable evening, just the kind of evening I needed after a seven hour drive to get to Boston.

The only downer of the evening was a pesky little man who followed us around, holding his one drink of the night in his hand and when asked what he wanted he usually replied with an offer to give oral sex. I suggested he make the offer to one of the many gay guys there but I think he thought we would be easier. Fat chance that was. He would at least have to buy me a drink first!

So when you happen to be on your way to or through Boston check out the Tiffany Club website. If you happen to see they are on their way to the Randolph Country Club or any other event such as the Summer Sizzler Party on June 14th then make an effort to join them. Tell them Linda sent you.

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