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This Week in Transgenderism 3/30/09

| Mar 30, 2009
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It’s time to get trans-visible this week. HRC says again: No ENDA without the T. Gainesville voters do the right thing, as New Hampshire lawmakers chicken out. Cancer claims a bright star in Australia. Isis is post-op and is sporting a big rock. Another Hollywood macho man picks up his dress from the cleaners, as another doll plays a man becoming a woman. Companies go to the fair to hire transgendered employees. And, how does one overshadow Pam Anderson? Wear higher heels. The TWIT of the Week comes to us from the United Kingdom. All this and much more in this edition of TWIT Notes!

They say a t-girl stole the spotlight from Pamela Anderson on the catwalk in Miami, but they don’t tell us who that t-girl is. The Daily Mail has the disappointing coverage.

Making another run at it: with a friendly administration, Congress is preparing to re-introduce ENDA, and the anti-hate crime bill: Matthew Shepard Act. OnTop has details. And the Washington Blade says the HRC won’t support ENDA if it’s not trans-inclusive.

Setback! New Hampshire lawmakers get scared by the boogie man and fail to pass a bill granting equal rights to trans-people.  OnTop Mag also has that story.

Advance! Voters in Gainesville see through the scare tactics and vote to keep a so-called bathroom bill. The Dallas Voice says the effects will be felt across the country. (Offer void in New Hampshire.)  Or read the opinion from the other side of the fence at One News Now.

In Kalamazoo, people are up in arms over whether or not to have trans-inclusive laws on the books. M Live has more.

The article says about 40 people turned out, but the photo of a trans-documentary premiere in Arizona tells a slightly different story. It doesn’t matter either way, because the film is the thing and the story is at the ASU Web Devil.

The Bay Area Reporter says a GLBT community center has had a certain amount of success by hosting job fairs, and who’s had success at the fairs? TG job seekers. And the Dallas Voice says a GLBT community center there is hosting a trans-inclusive job fair.

In Atlanta, there’s one homeless shelter that will accept trans-women. But, there’s a catch. They can’t present as trans. But, Southern Voice says there is an effort to find a way to improve the situation.

A trans-man in Atlanta was doing well in a radio show’s competition, until he got outted. Southern Voice has this story as well.

Isis is back. She’s post-surgery and engaged! Celebuzz has the story, and there’s more coverage at US Magazine.

The first ever day of Transgender Visibility is this week. What are you doing to help? Find out more at PrideSource. And PrideSource says in conjunction with TVD, Lansing Community College is putting together a TG clip show, featuring characters from the movies and television shows.

Coming up this weekend, the GLBTQ Women of Color Conference in Philadelphia. It’s not too late to register. The details are at AfterEllen.

There’s a show on the telly, Down-Under, where they turn uncouth chicks into prim and proper young ladies. And one of the contestants this season is transgendered. 9 News has the story.

A Canadian TS will get her case heard in June before a human rights board. She says a fitness club discriminated against her by keeping her out of the women’s locker room. The Standard has the details.

The Jakarta Post says Muslim conservatives are trying to put the kabosh on a TG beauty pageant.

You may know the name from her time in adult films, but Meghan Chavalier is also an outspoken activist, railing against discrimination. Read her thoughts at StoppingTheHate.

The Lady Bunny is making a surprise appearance in Dallas this week. Catch up with her at the Dallas Voice.

And a blogger at Voxy loves drag queens. Find out why.

Did Turkish police turn a blind eye to a threat, and allow a trans-activist to be murdered? PinkNewsUK indicates that’s what happened earlier this month.

Filipinos are getting a primer on the differences between transgender and gay. ABS-CBN News has an article from the lovely BB Gandanghari.

Actor Liev Schrieber is taking another crossdressing role. He’ll be in “Taking Woodstock” from director Ang Lee. Towler Road has more. (And can you name the other CD role Liev had?)

Another Hollywood hottie will be playing a jailed MtF. Does star power help advance our stories, or would the role be better played by someone who is TG? MTV News doesn’t ask these questions, but has more on the movie.

In memorium: aggressive cancer has claimed the life of one of Australia’s biggest drag stars. Vivien St. James died, according to WAToday, after a six week battle.

Two TG women are in jail in Twin Falls, Idaho. And one is concerned about how the other is being treated. KTRV has more.

TWIT of the Week: He admits trying to kill a bisexual transvestite friend, because his girlfriend thought the two were engaged in a form of foreplay. Oy vey. The BBC sorts it out.

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