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This Week in Transgenderism 1/28/08

| Jan 28, 2008
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More TG’s are getting involved in politics. A Persian Gulf country is still locking up gender variants. And a purse snatcher’s reign of terror is ended. All this and more in this edition of TWIT Notes!

Would you believe there’s a transgendered candidate for President? And no, we’re not talking about Guiliani. This time. Bennie Lee Ferguson is also running for a seat in the Kansas legislature. Sound interesting? Read more in an interview with The Douginator.

A TG man has been named to the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee. Angel City’s Devil has that story. And in Oregon, Democrats in one county have put a transgendered woman on their administrative team. Get more from Willamette Week. And in Minnesota, the Brainerd Dispatch reports on a GOP TG candidate for the state house.

Mara Keisling isn’t making many friends at HRC. But, somehow, I doubt she cares. The executive director of the NCTE spoke at First Event in Boston this month, and Bay Windows covered it.

We’re losing an ally at the national level. The executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is stepping down to take a job in California. As the Washington Blade reports, Matt Foreman was very vocal about the trans-inclusive version of ENDA.

While the national HRC may not be among your favorite organizations, the chapter on a Nashville campus deserves some kudos. Out and About reports they’re pushing for trans-protections in university policies.

ariana_losco.jpgIn Utah, there’s a gender identity bill under consideration. The Salt Lake Weekly made it their cover story, and devote five pages to the topic, and to the people involved.

The Spartan Daily also devotes five pages to a student drummed out of the Army because she’s transgendered.

We told you last week how the government of Kuwait was arresting transgendered people in that Persian Gulf nation. Well, they’re still doing it. And Human Rights Watch is still calling for them to stop. Read more at

Better news in south Asia. The government of India is officially recognizing the needs of its TG citizens. The details at The Hindu.

articledisplayphoto.jpgAnd good news in Canada, where some people are thinking progressively on the idea of allowing transsexuals into homeless shelters for women. The Chatham Daily News picks up the story from there.

Boston’s mayor is on board with a trans-friendly piece of legislation going through the Massachusetts legislature. Bay Windows has more.

We also told you about a New Hampshire newspaper’s series on TG people. Some of the readers of the Nashua Telegraph like it. Some don’t. But either way, Foster’s Daily Democrat is continuing the series. This week, the topic it trans-kids and hormones.

truckerfree_450x300.jpgA tribunal in the UK is considering the case of a truck driver fired for being transgendered. We get details from The Metro.

In the Arts:

0125trocks450a.jpgThe damn drag queens have taken over ballet now. And we couldn’t be prouder. In Scottsdale, Arizona, next week, check out Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, live on stage. And if you can’t make it, read about ’em at AZCentral.

We’re always happy to get a scoop. Even if we’re only scooping another TGForum writer. So, read this article about Baby Dee at, and tell Pamela DeGroff we said “nanny nanny boo boo.”

If you get the chance, you’ll want to check out a performance by Scott Turner Schofield, “Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps.” The review at Southern Voice has me wanting to see it.

New in paperback: Transparent. It’s a woman’s story of how she became a foster parent for a transgendered teen. The Washington Blade talks with the author.

And from the police blotter:

crook.JPGCalifornia cops catch crossdressing crook! Texas transgender taken15103158_240x180.jpg to task! NBC5 has more.

A transgendered purse thief is in custody in Philadelphia. No, the suspect was not stealing purses from transgenders, but rather is transgendered herself. NBC10 has that story.

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  1. Pam Degroff Pam Degroff says:

    Dear Ronnie,
    Okay, so you got a scoop on me….geez, starved for excitement, are we? Anyway, thanks for finding yet another trans musician. Do you have any contact information on her? I’d like to eventually get an interview for my column.
    Thanks again.

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