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| Feb 19, 2007
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It almost sounds like something out of the first Batman movie, where the Joker puts special chemicals in consumer products that will interact with one another, and cause death.  But, activists are worried about the effects of cosmetics chemicals on human health.   The full story is in the New York Times Online.  (Clicking link will open a new page.)

Overseas now, and the first non-closetted TG person elected to public office in New Zealand has resigned from her seat on Parliament.  But, it may not be the end of the political career of Georgina Beyer, according to the Advocate.

If you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, this week, be sure to stop by the atrium at Spirit Square.  There’s a photo exhibit on GLBT African-Americans on display.  (Read more at the Charlotte Observer.)

Apparently, North Carolina is seeing a renassaince in the world of gender bending.  Greensboro television station WFMY2 featured a local teenage t-girl recently.

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