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And now…the news.

| Feb 15, 2007
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newsbreak.JPGGood morning! I’m Ronnie Rho with your TGForum Newsbreak!

From the British Isles, we have news of a transgender conference in Northern Ireland. The BBC says they have some high profile guests,

including Richard O’Brien of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Read more here. (All links will open in new windows.)

From the New York Daily News, a rather patronizing story about a department store chain working out a policy on transgender use of bathrooms and fitting rooms. Click here for details.

In Michigan, dozens of students rallied in support of a transsexual professor who’s been told not to come back to work. We get more, including a video link from in Lansing. (Editor’s note: the video report wouldn’t load for me. Maybe you’ll have more luck.)

Men’s room, women’s room, or gender neutral bathroom? This blogger at ProgressiveU has some thoughts on what to think about transgendered people as a whole.

And in the sense of fair play, that neutral opinion gets balanced by another opinion from Liberty University, home of Jerry Falwell.

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