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The Week In Transgenderism 1/23/12

| Jan 23, 2012
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The Cook County Sheriff and the Illinois Department of Corrections has put it’s new transgender prisoner policy into effect. The first prisoner to be dealt with under the new policy is Maribel Torres, who was just given a four year sentence for retail theft and assault. She can request the prison unit of her choice but a panel made up of medical staff and reps from the Sheriff and Corrections Department will determine whether she serves her time with a male or female cellmate. The story is in The Chicago Tribune.

As we surf through the data of the Internet on a hunt for all things TG related we have been coming across more trans stuff, and drag queen stuff — in student newspapers. Our first student newspaper drag queen article of 2012 comes to us this week from the student newspaper of Georgia State University, The Signal.

Flight Attendants

The ladyboy flight attendants have taken to the air for their first flight. The airline — PC Air — says he is happy to provide decent jobs to everyone. The airline also has a FtM pilot. For more on the ladyboy’s work experience check out the story in The Guardian.

The Massachusetts transgender anti-discrimination bill was privately signed into law back in November. On Thursday Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill again in a ceremonial start-of-the-year event. It wasn’t supposed to be that big a deal but many TGs showed up to watch. Read the article and view the video at

TWIT doesn’t particularly care for Rick Santorum. But should he be glitter bombed by LGBT protestors early in the day, then have a transgender activist shout at him during another campaign appearance? Does that sort of thing do anything but make the conservative candidate’s fans more sure than ever that LGBT people are nasty? Read the story in The Huffington Post and decide.

Okay, we’re not sure what we feel about this one. It’s a story involving those wacky Kardashians. We’ve run stories before where Khloe (the one who doesn’t look like the rest of the girls) was accused of being a transvestite. She’s not, of course, but now comes word that there might be someone else living under the Kardashian roof who has a large femme wardrobe. Now who could it be? Read the story at

Winslet -- hardly manly.

Here’s a misleading headline that touches on TWIT territory: “Kate Winslet want to be a dude.” Now that’s not true. She wants, like several other actresses, to play a male role in a future film project. Go ahead and read the story at

Sweden has a law that requires all transsexuals to be sterilized before they can change their official document gender marker. Are they afraid TSs will breed and make more gender deviant Swedes? It would seem that the process of changing a gender would leave you sterile anyway, but, what about people like “the pregnant man” and those who are living in their preferred gender role without surgery and don’t have the right gender on their official ID? Read all about it in The Huffington Post.

You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time — but you might get caught at it by a drag queen. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published video purported to be taken on the sinking Italian liner Costa Concordia. An Irish drag queen saw the footage and said, hey wait a minute. Find our what the drag queen spotted at

RuPaul’s Drag Race starts a new season on January 30, and local newspapers around the country are covering the drag queens from their neck of the woods who are competing is Season 4. Meet the queen from SoCal in the San Diego City Beat.

Aunt Cassie Rolle

Ah showbiz, thou art a capricious mistress, as one recently mentioned Tupperware queen has learned. After his local paper did a feature on his upcomimg appearance this past week on the NBC show Parks and Recreation, his bit ended up on the cutting room floor. Or as it happens these days, dispatched into random electrons. It’s back to selling Tupperware in drag for Aunt Cassie Rollie. Check it out in the Collingswood Patch.

Hollywood, where fame is fleeting, is called tinsel town because it’s all glittery and shiny but the glamor is provided by illusions, smoke and mirrors. Every year the glamor of Hollywood attracts loads of young people who think they’re going to be “discovered” and become big stars. A film showing at the Slamdance Film Festival follows a young TV who thought she’d become a star. Hey! She stars in this documentary. Maybe that’ll be enough to get her a reality show on basic cable. Check out the review of the film in The Hollywood Reporter.

Pakistan is not the world’s most enlightened country but they have taken the step of recognizing the rights of their transgender population. But, now that they’re recognized as citizens with equal rights they have to register with the government so they can participate in elections and be eligible for government jobs. There are things about the registration process that the hijara don’t like. Read about it in Gulf News.

Multiple TWITs

Our first TWIT today is one of those crossdressers who not only give us a bad name but are their own worst enemy. The story is from 2008 but it was featured on a new television show in Britain called Bizarre Crimes. At first we felt that it was just another example of the media using a crossdresser committing a crime as a shocking headline to attract viewers. But, after reading what the crossdresser did in this story we gotta admit, that crime was pretty bizarre. If only he could have dealt with his crossdressing urges in a more legal way. The story is in the Skegness Standard.

TWIT number two is Nebraska state Senator Beau McCoy. (When it comes to GLBT phobic he’s the real McCoy.) The Senator has introduced a bill that would prevent local municipalities from passing GLBT anti-discrinination bills. He says he wants such protection to be “uniform” across the state. Check out the facts at

TWIT Award number three goes to the people in Baltimore County who oppose a bill to ban discrimination against transgender people on the grounds that it would allow men in dresses to go into the restrooms previously reserved for born females. Once inside the men in dresses would rape the female occupants. Hogwash! But that’s not why they’re getting a TWIT. They achieve TWITdom by spreading lies to support their twisted theory. Read about it in The Baltimore Sun.

But, the Platinum TWIT Award goes to a TS and CD in England who were just way, way out of control. They beat a man into unconciousness then raped a woman who witnessed the assault. “Poor boundry issues” doesn’t begin to decscribe it. These TWITS are psycho. Get the appalling facts of the case at

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