The Tulle Skirt — Not Just For the Young and Thin

| Apr 4, 2016
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1-tulle-skirt-over 40_optI asked one of the more popular fashion bloggers about how to wear a tulle skirt when you are over 50 and basically got a good laugh from her, but I love tulle skirts. There simply isn’t a more feminine, more flirty, whimsical, and downright girly skirt out there. Ever since Carrie Bradshaw stumbled down a New York street in that tulle skirt, ballerina skirts have been dancing along the fashion pages, and they’re not going to stop any time soon.

I know, I know – you think – tulle skirt? I am too old, serious, thin, round, short, tall, etc., to wear it, right? Wrong. It is time for some whimsy in our lives. (You over 40 girls – I am especially talking to you). You don’t have to be a ballerina to wear a tulle skirt.

Nowadays tulle skirts are becoming one of fashion’s newest obsessions and they can be spotted everywhere. Between bloggers and fashion stores, tulle skirts are making their way into people’s hearts and closets! A tulle skirt can be really cute or really tacky, depending on how you wear it. First of all, it’s not the most slimming skirt, so finding a flattering fit/length is key. It’s best worn as a midi-length skirt. Second, it’s not very work-friendly either so it’s best to save it for weekends or special occasions

Tulle skirts are extremely versatile and great for any occasion (except maybe for work)! You can dress it up with adult staples, making you look sophisticated and really chic, though you can make if fun by pairing it with some sneakers and a screen tee. If you want to go for a vintage classic look, then you better try it on with ritzy details and cool accents and try on cool cat-eye sunglasses and awesome pearl jewelry accessories.

While I think that everyone can participate in this trend it is up to the person, their personal style, your body shape and their age on how they should wear this trend.

Reasons women DON’T wear a tulle skirt

1. They are too short or fairy-like:

The tulle skirt comes in mini, short, medium and flowing long. I don’t know any woman who can’t rock one of these lengths with the right lines and proportions to make it look fabulous. I am not talking tutu here – but simple, elegant tulle in a color that suits you and your accessories.

2. They are too revealing:

Tulle skirts don’t have to be revealing either. The right number of layers and drape of fabric can cover only the important bits or frame you from waist to ankle with movement and style.

3. They are only for special occasions or costume:

Tulle skirts are now being made in every color for daytime and evening and casual, fun and formal styles. Yes, there is one for work, the club, the cocktail party, the picnic and the black-tie.

tulle skirt combinations 1

My tips for styling a tulle skirt


DO go for traditional ballet colors such as soft pink and cream.
DO go with fitted on the top. It’ll balance the body.
DO belt the waist. It’ll give you shape and define your curves. Even if you don’t have any, suddenly like magic they will appear.
DO create contrast. Opposites attract. Since the skirt is billowy and lacy, leather, knit or denim create a wonderful contrast.
DO pair with ballet flats for comfort. Nude or gold tones will help make your legs appear longer.
Or choose a high heel instead of flats. If your shirt’s simple and you don’t want to look too dressed up, a black patent round toe pump works well. If you’re going all out, a strappy, rough-looking sandal is the way to go.
DO mix up the look on top – try a striped shirt or black sweater.
DO try wearing it under another skirt.
DO add a slim boyfriend blazer to the mix. Nothing too short or over-sized, please.


DON’T even think about wearing a leotard with that tutu.
DON’T wear shoes that lace around the ankle, you’ll be getting too literal.
DON’T carry a tote or over-large bag with this outfit, it’ll look too heavy.
DON’T get too cutesy with the accessories. Strong cuffs, chunky rings and bad ass necklaces are the key. Delicate jewelry and hair accessories are to be avoided, you’re already wearing a tutu, after all.
DON’T wear a loose top with your tutu. The skirt’s already voluminous and you’ll look over-large if you don’t go with a fitted shirt.
DO avoid over the top ballerina references by choosing a top that’s minimally leotard-like. A fitted white capsleeve blouse with chunky fake pearls is cool. A plain fitted tee also works, as does a tee with some embellishment at the neck. You can even do a white racerback tank as long as you do some sort of rough and chunky necklace to keep it from all being too sweet. We like a multi-strand gunmetal or silver chain necklace.
DON’T be afraid to try this style, even if you’re not ballerina-sized! Because any shape can rock a bit of tulle

tulle skirt combinations 2

All About Length

  • THE MINI – This silhouette cannot be too short otherwise it will resemble a tutu. My suggestions are to look for something that ends right above the knee. Keep the tulle light so it doesn’t look super puffy. Keep your colors light or deep and dark. Bright at this length starts to resemble the prom queen ‘Betsey Johnson’ 1990s look. You want to be fun and fashionable, but not so trendy that you start to look silly and over the top.
  • THE MIDI – This has to be my favorite silhouette because it complements so many body types. The hem should end mid-calf and having a straight cut across is the most versatile. You can get a little bit funkier with this length and allow it to have some more punch with poof and even more punch with the color choices. Due to the length it will always weigh itself down and look classic. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • THE FLOOR LENGTH – This is most likely the true everyday silhouette. Many times this length does not offer many layers to it because you want to stay away from the wedding gown look. Additionally you will find styles that offer a fabric skirt underneath with the sheer tulle over. With color choices for this length it’s safe to stay dark with blacks, camo greens, eggplant purples, even a black with a little sparkle.

tulle skirt combinations 3

The Tulle Skirt is now the most popular pin on the Sister House Pinterest pages. See our more than 160 examples of tulle skirts.  If you have a tulle skirt, why not post it to my pinterest page.

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