The Scales of Justice

| Sep 24, 2012
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Michelle Kosilek

Commonsense has left the state of Massachusetts. A case in point — Judge Mark Wolf recently awarded over $20,000 taxpayer’s dollars for a transgender murderer to have a “necessary” sexual reassignment surgery. Robert (AKA Michelle) Kosilek did not seem to mind his male genitalia when he was impregnating his wife; they have children. But now his penis is unbearable to him. Robert/Michelle has tried to castrate himself and has attempted suicide twice (normally men are very successful with suicide attempts).

Ladies and gentleman, we are talking about someone who is obviously mentally ill. You do not need an advanced degree, be a rocket scientist or a liberal Supreme Court Justice to figure this one out. Robert/Michelle needs to be locked up forever in a highly protected mental institution for the rest of his/her life. Yes, this dangerous murderer should receive necessary medical attention — plus he gets free dental, three free meals a day, and free shelter. His wife gets nothing.

Where were his wife’s rights? She was not even given the right to live and her ex, transgendered husband who killed her has not only been awarded funds (that by the way no health insurance pays for such sexual reassignment surgeries needed to ‘cure’ gender disorder*) — yet he is being rewarded for his atrocious crime and the citizens of this country are paying for it. That’s logic in today’s unpredictable wild world.

Perhaps, if illiteracy was not as high as it is, Americans would be in an uproar, even the most liberal ones. What happens now, the next desperate male to female transgender, who can’t live with his penis, is going to commit a crime and be rewarded by given a free taxpayers castration, while serving his sentence? I know there would be a lot of volunteers to do it for him, no charge. This reaction is not heartless; it is a normal reaction to an absurd, stupid, illogical ruling by a Judge who needs to be taken off of his high court. Logic, if it were present in this case, would take this immediately to the Supreme Court before the mentally ill, transgender murderer gets his expensive reassignment surgery.

In 2008 US Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts unsuccessfully tried to put a ban on the use of Federal tax dollars to pay for anyone’s transgender related problems. How many good taxpayers know that some of their hard earned money is being used to assist transgenders into becoming transsexuals?** Brown obviously tried to put a stop to taxpayers paying for transgendered criminals to have hormone injections so that they can have breasts while incarcerated. How could Senator Brown’s proposed ban have failed? As citizens, we have the right to know how our money is being spent. And we have the right to change this bizarre illogical situation. Call your senators, congress representatives, write Obama, hold demonstrations and above all-stop paying taxes that reward criminals and murderers.

How much have we paid for male to female transgendered criminals to receive their necessary hormone treatments, in order for them to have breasts? Again remember, no health insurance company, that many Americans pay hefty premiums for, cover costs for women to have breast implants or for anyone to have sexual reassignment surgery. Many transgenders save their own money and some even go to Thailand to have the procedure done because it is cheaper than the US.

This country is in one of the worst challenges of all time. One in four American children are starving, senior citizens eat cat food instead of buying all of their medication, homelessness has never been higher, good tax paying citizens cannot afford to get health insurance, too many citizens have never seen a dentist, unemployment is through the roof, bankruptcy and foreclosure are all too common, women and children are also on the streets in record numbers. Vets who are returning home are not being helped with all of their needs — they risked their lives for this country — yet so many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and go untreated, mainly due to lack of federal and state funds.

And what has the US Government been paying for? Answer: Hormone therapy and now reassignment surgery for transgendered criminals — even murderers!

The scales of justice are so unbalanced in this case that it actually mocks the thought of justice.

(*Editor’s Note: There are health insurance companies that do provide SRS coverage if certain conditions are met. Aetna is one.)

(** Editor’s Note: One does not “become” transsexual” anymore than one becomes heterosexual. You either are or you aren’t. Transgendered people who choose SRS either were TS from the time they were born or they have chosen to live full time in the opposite gender for other reasons.)

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Dee A. Levy is the former spouse of a crossdresser. She has a BA in Women Studies and MA in Social Sciences and Comparative Education. She is the author of The Cross Dresser's Wife -- Our Secret Lives, available at, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, &

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  1. melissam melissam says:

    I agree with Dee on this one. You do forfeit some basic human rights while in prison for this type of crime. Let her have the hormones, etc. but SRS? No way. She is a murderer, as Dee says, plain and simple.

  2. scalesman scalesman says:

    I agree with Dee on most of her points and most of her logic. Like Dee I would be interested in knowing more back story.
    Murder is murder. In some states it is a capital crime.

  3. Dee Dee says:

    I love many people who happen to be transgender, transexual, cross dressers, gays and lesbians. Perhaps you should take a moment and think about why many would be in an uproar over this-making a federal case-HE KILLED HIS WIFE!What part of that did you not understand? Was her life worth nothing? Really?

    This is not a display of transphobia. This is a display of outrage to reward a murderer with an EXPENSIVE surgery that is not needed to save his life- when most Americans are suffering , like Sky surfer who can’t get a job. Remember the key word here is MURDERER-not transexual!

    Obviously some on this site do not even care that his wife is dead. Maybe feeding starving children or helping homeless senior citizens might be a better way to utilize taxes than to make sure that the murderer Robert (AKA Michelle) Kosilek can live comfortably with his penis in prison.

    I would love to know the back story on that marriage. Did his wife even know he was a CD (obviously transsexuals cross dress? or a a transgender before they were married? Statistically, according to our latest survey from the website, 70% of cross dressers do NOT disclose before marriage! What did she know before marriage? What should she have known before marriage-since the editor clearly points out that TG’s know from birth that they are TG-so when did he tell his wife? Did she know?


  4. says:

    Dee’s article jumped the shark regarding this specific case. I interpreted the tone of her article as being very negative towards all transsexuals. I do agree that rewarding a murderer (i.e. Michelle Kosilek) is stretching logic to the absurd. Making a federal case out of this situation (i.e. “Call your senators, congress representatives, write Obama, hold demonstrations …”), however will only encourage more transphobia.

  5. says:

    What a deal: He got rid of a wife he couldn’t stand and got his SRS paid for too. I want that deal!!! it might even be worth a bit of prison time ’cause I can’t seem to get a job to save my life 🙁

  6. tasidevil tasidevil says:

    Dee, the transgendered community seems evenly split on the issue, with the pros sayings it’s an advancement of transgender rights. However I agree with you. There’s nothing in the criminal code to support this action by this judge. I think the country has its head where the sun don’t shine. Hopefully the juge will be overturned on appeal. To make the matters worse, the judge awarded 1/2 a mil in court costs to the murderer.