The Occasional Woman — Spring! Time to Shop!

| Mar 18, 2019
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Hello Dear Readers! Spring is in the air! Time to pack up winter clothes and bring out the cute stuff! Just kidding. For those in the Northern part of the United States, it WILL snow again, and our spirits, like the early daffodils, will be crushed once more. What to do, what to do? Here’s a great suggestion—SHOPPING TRIP! And what to buy? First off, most coats, jackets and scarves are on bargain-bottom clearance, so this would be a dandy time to stock up. Tired of your old parka? They are now in the $25.00 range! And lovely, deep-toned scarf and glove combos are cheaper than Juicy Fruit gum—prepare now!

And let’s think about the all-important accessories. Even though a lot of us are still in the cold, we can brighten up our look on the cheap with filmy pink scarves, a saucy pastel bag or some sprightly jewelry. And shoesies! Oh goody—there are some delish strappy sandals and booties one can snag. Start by adding a wee happy pop of color to your tired black coat, a jaunty lapel pin of some springy, birdacious flower and a chipper new necklace and “juj” the whole look up a notch. People in Miami and Texas, just keep doing what you’re doing.

You need this waist to wear this belt.

A belt on a dress can always snazz things up; just make sure the belt fits, because what looks worse than accentuating the negative? If you need to stop breathing to fasten it and you feel your intestines scream and shrink away, THE BELT IS TOO SMALL! Ditto for a very wide belt—you might as well wrap a length of police caution-tape around your middle and yell HEY! Look at me! A thin, cute belt will serve to suggest more of a shape, rather than be a guide to Flab-R-Us. And in a real FU to your self-esteem, a tiny purse can often have the sneaky effect of making one look bigger, just as a huuuge satchel can give the appearance of a need for camouflage. Or suggest that one’s true aim is shoplifting. Which is illegal.

If I may make a suggestion, I would ask that we all try to buy less “disposable” wear; aim for more classic items, and ones made of real fabrics, like wool, cotton, silk and rayon. They are always more comfortable to wear, one doesn’t get sweaty and gross in natural fibers, they keep their finish and don’t add more layers of non-recyclable shite to our sad, beleaguered Earth. Good clothing is an investment, and will last for a long time while still looking great.

Let’s all look forward to a nice, warmy SPRING, and look our best while we enjoy it!

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