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The Occasional Woman “Must-haves”

| Jun 13, 2016
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Well, hello again from Lorraine, a.k.a. The Occasional Woman. The other day I received a notification in my email from Nordstrom; It proclaimed to me that there were FIVE ESSENTIAL PIECES I would personally need, if I had any hope of having a decent and fashionable summer. You know I love these lists, and generally find them somewhere betwixt hilarious and offensive, so yeah, I read it. And here’s what I have to say on the subject!

maxi_dressFirst on the list was “Maxis” — by which Nordy’s means loooong dresses. This happens cyclically; some poobah decides “Hey! Let’s bring back long-ass dresses!” It happened in the 1960s, with hippie and granny dresses; again in the 1970s, with ugly long skirts and dresses, in sad ‘70s colors, like rust, beige, olive drab and brown…so pitiful. I was pretty busy in the ‘80s, getting married, having babies, so I forget if there were maxis then, sorry. You get the picture! What ho maxis — and for whom do they work the best? I don’t like them, being accident prone — all I need is yet another thing to trip on! Also, those of us who are…uh…under-tall, look overwhelmed by them. I think they look best on taller ladies, but they are swell for those days you don’t feel like shaving your legs!

white_denimThe next suggestion was Distressed White Denim, i. e., ratty white jeans. As a person of some size, I would not be caught DEAD in white jeans! Or ripped-up clothing — but hey, that’s just me. They look GREAT on some people. They have that “Whee! It’s Summer!” look to them, so go crazy if you like ’em.

off_the_shoulderThe next item is Off The Shoulder Tops. Okay, if you are reading this, you might be a person who enjoys the female look, but maybe isn’t, shall we say, built that way. You just may have rather athletically impressive shoulders. If so, I can’t recommend this style. It highlights a feature you may be wishing to downplay.

shortsNumber four is Shorts! No problem there. I love shorts, and think every human should wear them whenever they want to. I’d steer clear of ultra-tight “booty shorts” for daytime use, as they can scream SKANK to most other humans. And if you’re in cut-offs, as I am on a regrettably frequent basis, try to keep the frayed edges at a dull roar.

The last item on Nordy’s list is Graphic Flashes — by which they mean t-shirts and other tops what got printing and stuff on them. Eh. I like some of them, like ones with Prince on them, but do you really need people thinking that your name is either Abercrombie, or Fitch? Again, this one is a personal choice, just try to be moderately tasteful. Or not! Be comfortable in what you wear, and don’t let your clothes “out-shout” you!

Enjoy the summer, whatever you decide to wear, and let’s not let those straps show, ladies!

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The Occasional Woman

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I am a native Californian who has been based in the Philadelphia area since 1984. My first CD fashion creation was a gold lamé dress for the now esteemed editor of this publication. Since then I have made tons of fabulous frocks and other fashion apparel for the crossdressing and transgender community. Contact me for custom clothing or alterations via email: Visit my Facebook page, @alterationsbylorraine

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