The New Girl

| May 9, 2011
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George had a secret, deep and dark. It was so dark that if discovered it would probably cost him his job, career and even most of his friends. Yeah that bad.

George was a crossdresser.

He didn’t want to, really, but he couldn’t stop. It just felt right. Knowing what his compulsion could cost him, he was careful. Very careful.

George worked at a very conservative investment firm where he wore a tie all day and helped people on the phone. He loved helping people, but he hated all the corporate politics, and he HATED wearing a tie.

The one thing that brightened his day at work was Nikki. She worked in the next cubicle and was so nice to him. She had a boyfriend she’d been seeing for years but they didn’t live together. That would be improper after all. Nikki talked to George about her boyfriend a lot. George just loved looking at her.

Nikki was pretty, maybe five foot six inches tall with jet black hair, nice legs, slim hips and huge DD breasts. They made her very self conscious so she did her best to cover and conceal them.

Nikki also had a secret. Yes, she had a boyfriend but she also had another guy she was seeing on the side. He made her feel so alive and dangerous. Only one person knew her secret: George. After all — he introduced them at a party.


On a bright sunny spring day, George and Nikki sat at the nearby McDonalds having lunch together as they often did.

“George, did you ever wish you could be in two places at once, or maybe two different people?” Nikki said, quietly.

“Mmhmm,” George said. “All the time.”

“Really? Why”

“You first.”

“Well, I feel it should be obvious.”

George nodded. “I sort of wish my life could be different.”

Nikki answered with a weak smile. What they couldn’t know was that something was listening — something very, very old.


Two nights later, George was in his female persona: Gina. She was at a trans-friendly bar with some friends, having drinks and enjoying the short time she had dressed as a woman.

“I’m telling you, Jen, Nikki would make so much money working at Hooters. I don’t know why she doesn’t!” Gina said.

Jen sipped on her Sauvignon Blanc. “Maybe she doesn’t want to be debased, abused and to be a piece of meat on display,” she said.

“But think of the money! If I had a body like hers, I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

Jen smirked and pointed at the large breasts under Gina’s pink blouse.

“If your breast forms were any bigger, you could work there without her body.”

Gina crossed her Black Mist nylon encased legs and swung her black pump from her foot.

“Can I help that I know what I want to be?” She straightened her gray skirt and took a drink of the Cosmo she’d been nursing.

“Wanting and being are two different things, girl,” Jen said. “Oh shit, here comes Andy.”

Andy was a short, stout man in his late sixties with a trimmed white beard, bald head, rumpled shirt and he smelled of cheap cigars. Andy had a definite thing for women with big breasts — and if they were t-gurls it was even better for him!

“Hey hey gals!” Andy said, his eyes never leaving Gina’s chest.

“Hi Andy. My eyes are up here,” Gina said.

“Can I buy you gals a drink?” Andy said.

Gina and Jen both held up their mostly full drinks and said flatly “No thanks.”

“I’m having a small party at my place next Saturday. I’d love it if you could . . . come,” Andy said winking.

“I already have plans, thanks” Gina said.

Andy smiled and turned around to see Jessica. Tonight was Jessica’s first time out dressed. She wore little makeup and was very unsure of herself.

“Wow! Look at her!” Andy said. “I’ve never seen her before!”

Gina looked at Jennifer and was immediately afraid. “Leave her alone Andy. She’s a new girl and doesn’t need you anywhere near her!” Gina said.

“Aww you’re no fun. C’mon, Gina gimmie a kiss!” Andy said.

“I wouldn’t kiss you if you were the only guy left on Earth!” Gina said. Andy frowned and headed to the men’s room. Gina and Jennifer went over to Jessica and didn’t leave her side for the rest of the night. Jessica was happy for someone to talk to, and didn’t realize Andy was on the prowl.


Nikki was out with her boyfriend Steve, bored and wishing the dinner would end. He was a good guy — considerate and he worshiped the ground she walked upon . . . but he was too nice for her tastes. She preferred Karl and his talented tongue and his dismissive air. He would treat her like a whore and throw her out of his place after they had sex. It drove her wild!

She smiled to herself as Steve paid the check.


Monday was rainy and cold. George managed to arrive at work on time, but Nikki was late yet again. Many people were late that day as the roads were wet and there were so many accidents, but Nikki was always late. In fact, if she were late one more time, she’d be fired.

Nikki ran to her desk, her umbrella dripping.

Oh my God oh my God oh my God I’m so dead!” she said.

A moment later, their manager Chaz, in his impeccable suit, came over.

“Nichole! Why aren’t you logged into your computer?”

“I’m sorry, Chaz, but…”

“She’s been helping me with a difficult 401K conversion, sir. It’s my fault,” George said.

Nikki smiled. “Yes, he was wondering how some Fidelity funds convert into ours,” she said.

Chaz looked at George’s screen, and on it were a list of 401k funds.

“Ok. Just log in NOW please, Nichole,” he said.

“Yes sir!” and she did.

She then leaned over and gave George a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks! I owe you one!”

George smiled and turned to look at his schedule for the day, which included his CPR refresher course. Everyone at his company was required to know CPR. At least it meant a few hours off the phone.

The watching spirit, older than the trees and rocks, smiled and nodded.

To be continued…

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