The missing link

| May 15, 2006
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If you’ve spent any amount of time online, in a chat room or with an instant messanger, you’ve probably encountered that mysterious creature known as an “admirer”.  But what is an admirer, really?

More often than not, they deny being gay or even bisexual.  But at the same time, they’re proud, even adamant about their attraction to transgendered women.  (Yes, I’m painting with a broad brush.  Stay with me.)  It’s not unusual to meet a guy online who’ll ask to be feminized either. 

My theory is, many admirers are t-girls in deep, deep, deep cover.  They’re like stars that haven’t ignited. 

Or maybe, they’re t-girls who’ve burnt out, but still feel drawn to other t-girls.  That’s where I am as of late.  Not much interest in making myself pretty, but still hanging around those who do, both on- and off-line. 

T-girls attracted to t-girls isn’t so uncommon, either.  Look at some personal ads sometime, and you’ll find most of us are into our sisters. 

So, the question is: what are we moving toward?  Is there an evolutionary pattern here?  The t-girls who blossom early become admirers later?  Are the admirers working their own way toward dressing, at a glaicer’s pace?

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