The Magical Power of Panties… For real this time

| May 7, 2007
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What is it about them that makes them so powerful? You know what I’m talking about. Put on a pair, and you’re instantly relaxed. They’re just fabric. Or are they?

Let me get one thing out of the way first: A lesbian friend of mine once asked, “Why do women wear panties, but men wear underwear? Isn’t it all the same thing? Just an undergarment designed to reduce chaffing?”

Well, yes, and no. The feminist in me sees her point. But the crossdresser, who is infinitely more practical points out that the simple name change does refer to a difference in fabric, color and style. When I talk about underwear, I’m talking about my Hanes briefs. When I talk about panties, it’s Jockey for Her, usually in a pastel color. The name change represents a big change in clothing styles.

I generally don’t wear panties under my clothes when I go to work. I have this, perhaps irrational fear that my jeans will never ever rip if I’ve got my underwear on, but something drastic will happen if I’ve got panties on. (Can you think of a worse way to get outed to coworkers?)

So, by and large, I only wear panties if I’m dressing up and going out, or if I’m just lounging around the house on the weekend. (I’m not about to add to the laundry pile by wearing multiple undergarments in the course of a day.)

But, where does the Magic come in? After a long, hard week at work, I’m typically tense. But slip on some of those wonderful cotton briefs, and a certain amount of the tension evaporates.

Why? I don’t know. It’s not like I think about what I’m wearing constantly. There must just be some level in the subconscious that recognizes the subtle difference between what “he” wears and what “she” wears.

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    Panties both stimulate and relax us.

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