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The Dependable TGForum Monday Edition

| Sep 6, 2010
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ange0710As JoAnn said in her “big changes” post a few days ago (I know you read it. I bet you’re excited like we all are here at TGF. If for some reason you haven’t read it please take a moment now and scroll down to read it and get excited) big changes are coming to TGF at the beginning of the year. I know, you’ve heard that one before. But while we have made incremental changes to the format throughout this past year this one will be the big one. It will also open TGF up to many more people since all you’ll have to do is register and login but there won’t be any subscription fee. So, big changes yes, but in the meantime (and even after the change) TGF will still be bringing you the dependable, like clockwork, Monday Edition. We’ve done it since 1994. Why change that now?

We start today’s Edition with our steady and trusty News Editor Ronnie Rho’s The Week In Transgenderism. This week Ronnie features stories from around the world and up your street. She’s got the news about the band who crossdressed for the cover of their new single and say if you’re not willing to crossdress “you suck.” She has links to the TS in Cuba who’s living the feminist lifestyle. She covers the controversy over TG rights at The University of Central Florida, TGs on remote Pacific islands, more on Vandy Beth Glenn, a famous (in Japan) video game player who came out as TG, and a whole lot more. It’s all waiting for you in TWIT.

Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD is with us this week and once again Kyra Kelly has used her lovely creation to make a comment on another aspect of our crossdressing lifestyle. If you like to chuckle at our foibles (my what lovely foibles you have) don’t miss Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD.

Speaking of foibles, another lady who looks through the news, sifts out the interesting bits that may — or may not — have TG shadings and then cooks it all up in her own kind of news omelet — the one and only Dina Amberle — joins us this week with her Dina’s Diner column. This week Dina gives us her two cents on all this darned cleavage we see all over the place. You hadn’t noticed? I was having dinner with the boss Sunday night and JoAnn and I were discussing how all the girls today are showing off a lot more skin than they did in years past, and then I got home to edit the Diner and Dina is on the story. It’s like synchronicity or something. Not that we were complaining about the cleavage. Just commenting. But, I have gotten off the main path and it’s time to tell you to not miss, whatever you do, this month’s Dina’s Diner.

That’s the Monday Edition for this Monday, September 6, 2010. Enjoy! And stay tuned for those big changes after the first of the year.

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Angela Gardner is a founding member of The Renaissance Transgender Association, Inc., the former editor of that organization's newsletter and magazine, Transgender Community News. She wrote the Diva of Dish column for TGF in the late 1990s and was the Editor of LadyLike magazine until its untimely demise. She is currently the Editor of TGF. She has appeared in film and television shows portraying TG characters, as well as representing Renaissance on numerous talk shows. In her idle hours she keeps busy producing her monthly TG parties, Angela's Laptop Lounge.

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