The Art of Transformation – What I’m learning So Far

| Feb 28, 2022
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I’ve been Misha since May 2017. I have only just begun to explore and express my femme self. What a potent cocktail of confusion, confidence, power and pain this journey is. It’s so much more complex and nuanced than any outside observer could ever imagine.

I’m beginning to realize how much emotional nourishment I get out of not just dressing and transforming, but the effect that my dressing has on others. Other CDs who understand and share my impulses. The comments and praise I get from other girls online is so empowering and encouraging. But then there are the admirers. Some have no idea what the crossdressing impulse is all about. They don’t know who I am and what I’m doing, and jump to conclusions according to their own preconceived notions and fantasies. Just surface.

But there are occasionally those who do understand and admire my homage to feminine beauty and sensuality. They appreciate it. And their praise and admiration excites me. I suppose we all enjoy attention. But I’m surprised at how much I enjoy hearing from a man who is turned on by my image and wants to see more. I have to admit I like it when they tell me  how much I thrill them, as long as they have already sent respectful coherent emails first that is. I’m still a bit conflicted about this. But I like it.  How about you?  Do words of praise from the “opposite sex” please you? Confuse you? Or?

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I’m a mature passable Crossdresser, devoted to total transformation. Monthly mani-pedis and waxings, shapewear, squats and leg toning workouts, big bouncy breast forms and a total commitment to maximizing my femininity with makeup. hair and high heel strutting skills. I started late so I’m making up for lost time! I love celebrating my femininity. And I love being admired and desired. Don't be afraid to reach out to say hi if you like what you see! xo Misha

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