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| Jan 25, 2021
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The Texas fundraising gurl with the lovely smile.

Kerry Wright

Kerry Wright the lovely and diminutive (in some ways), Texas native who describes herself as a classy, intelligent, Gemini and feminine gurl who just wants to be herself. I had what I call a chance online meeting with Kerry. I was drawn to her adorable manner, wonderful smile, and outlook on life. After a little cajoling, she consented to do this interview with me for TGForum.

A Texas gurl through and through, she is always seeking other gurls similar in nature for fun and friendship. Females that adore gurls like her. She also is enamored with exceptional taller masculine alpha males who adore MtF transgender MILF type gurls (Kerry’s words not mine).

Kerry has been on HRT for several years and boasts about her nice and natural 36C breasts. Nevertheless, at some point she would like to have her breasts augmented to a larger size and perfectly symmetrical. With no thoughts about surgery at this time, she just loves becoming the Third Sex in some way. (Rather than go into a lengthy explanation of the Third Sex, this writer directs you to the website Third Sex |

Kerry has completed laser face hair removal and loves the results. She is continually reducing her body size and mass and has a list of what she calls Gurl Rules. Rules for lasting changes that lead to lasting beauty. She says that a gurl can do things to look terrific short-term, but there are keys to long-term beauty. Her list includes taking hormones, feminizing your voice, no sugar, stop eating, exercise, stretch and dance. She has lost weight and feels she now looks amazing in a bodycon dress or leather leggings.

Starting to get out more as Kerry, she is getting her ears pierced and totally improving herself as it pertains to voice, vocabulary, overall style, makeup, hair, and figure. Her goal is to one day be in public full-time as Kerry. She is growing out her natural hair into a short, but feminine curly unisex style. She loves lingerie but wants to get to a point where she looks amazingly fabulous in her birthday suit. She also fancies clothes and shoes and as she says, ‘who doesn’t’. Kerry has taken her love of clothes to model on various webcam sites, Facetime and Skype. She has also been approached by T-Gurl porn producers to appear in front of the camera. Kerry mentioned during the interview that she is seeking a photographer in the North Dallas area to photograph her solo or in tandem with another model in full-length poses.

A host of celebrity influencers abound and include Sandra Bullock, Jane Seymour, Allison Janney and too many others to list here. She also is fond of many T-Girl entertainers. Three of her favorite movies include Princess Bride, My Cousin Vinny and From Russia with Love. Yes, there are more, but again, too many to mention.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Kerry and look forward to your comments.

TGForum: Setting the record straight, was there one thing that led you down the transgender road?

Ms. Wright: I actually feel that it was my destiny to do so. I knew in my early teens and I planned to in my mid-20s. Then I chose another path in my late-20s. Family, career, faith, society, all pushed me on to another direction for the next 15-years, but it was inevitable that I would become who I am so far. This is a continuous process. We must also keep in mind how the internet has made so much information available to us. At that time, it did not exist. The first website did not go live until 1991 and that was for nuclear research.

TGForum: What about your family life?

Ms. Wright: I am married to a loving and accepting wife of over 30 years. Fortunately for us, I divulged my crossdressing to her before we were engaged. I feel that she might have accepted it only as a kink or hobby and did not understand that it was who I was, and that I was suppressing my true sexuality presenting as a male. We raised two wonderful well-educated children who are leading independent lives. Previously, I earned a bachelor’s degree in business and after over 20 years in retail and wholesale sales management, I was forced to leave my company when it was discovered that I had this transgender side. A friend hired me in the non-profit fundraising sector, and I have flourished in a ‘new’ career I love for over 15 years.

TGForum: What are some of the wonderful experiences that have come your way as Kerry?

Ms. Wright: First and foremost, it has to be the people that I have met along the way and the meaningful and lifelong relationships I have built with them. The depths that are explored in the conversations I have had with other gurls as well as cisgender females and, of course, men. Also, the privilege of helping others with advice and answers to their questions is something I love. I have been helped along the way by others and I feel the need to pay it forward and help others that are just beginning or somewhere along their journey. However, please do not come at me with headless pics and a hairy body in thigh highs saying you want to ‘get together’ or ‘go out’ with me. Please have some self-awareness.

TGForum: In addition to your goal of being Kerry full-time, what else is on your list?

Ms. Wright: My current list of priorities is to land a career position in my field that involves travel to major cities. I do not travel in my current position and yearn for that freedom and opportunity to go out with friends I have met online that are not in my area. I am in a conversation with a talent finder at this time for an open position that perfectly fits what I am seeking to do.

TGForum: Besides the obvious, what major obstacles have to had to overcome?

Ms. Wright: I have loved football my entire life. Not so much as a fan, but as a player. In high school I was an over-achieving average athlete who was good enough to play at the college level. I was fortunate to earn a full scholarship and start for three years while earning a degree and graduating. I guess the greatest obstacle I had to overcome, besides all the obvious ones, is that I was a 250 lb. ball of muscle during my junior and senior years and not what I feel was the most advantageous starting point for what I desired to become.

TGForum: What do you consider your greatest virtue?

Ms. Wright: I am honest and discreet which are two great virtues, but I consider my heartfelt kindness my greatest virtue.  

TGForum: If it existed, would you drink from the fountain of youth?

Ms. Wright: It is funny you should ask. Many think that I already have done that. The answer is a resounding yes.

TGForum: What book or piece of writing has had the biggest impact on you?

Ms. Wright: The articles and writings of the late Anne Lawrence. She was an American psychologistsexologist, and anesthesiologist who published extensively on transsexuality. I do not agree with everything she believes but the self-examination and HRT information she provided in Transgender Map was invaluable to me.

TGForum: Can you share a favorite funny story about yourself?

Ms. Wright: When I first began shaving my body, doing my makeup and hair, and dressing, I met a wonderful gurl named Ashley. She was one of the most generous and loving individuals I have ever met. Many of your readers may know her as Ashley Stevens on Flickr. We became great friends and, at the time, lived within 30 minutes of each other. Ashley loved to model for the camera and take a lot of pics. We did this together a couple of times at her lovely home and I still deeply cherish those evenings. Being the ham I am, I suggested we take pics with some ‘action’ and ‘situations’ to look animated and interesting. We tried to act like we were arguing or one of us was confused and of course, they turned out so campy we just laughed and deleted those suckers. However, she had a beautiful pool table in a huge loft upstairs and I said, we should take some photos of us playing pool. I poetically said, ‘guys dig chicks in short skirts bending over and shooting pool’. We set a few balls on the table and her photographer took shots of us faking shots. One photo of me doing just that in a mini skirt and lace top thigh highs became one of my most popular and conversation starting pics of all time. Login | FetLife

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