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If You Have Style, You Must Be a Woman

| Sep 16, 2013 | Reply

Style. A short word but it carries a large impact. Fashion and style work together to show you at your best. If you simply follow fashion and forget to take style into account you can end up being mocked on the Internet. Just because a particular fashion looks good on one person is not guarantee that it will look good on you. To integrate the fashions of the moment with your particular style is a process. Fortunately for you Tasi Zuriack is here today to guide you on your style journey.

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10 Shoes Can Become 100 Shoes at Very Little Cost

| Sep 2, 2013 | 1 Reply

Do you have limited dollars to spend on shoes or have a hard time finding shoes in your size so you make do with just a few pairs? Would you like to expand your shoe wardrobe in practically unlimited ways without spending tons of money? Then you simply must read Tasi Zuriack’s revelations about a fashion accessory that you have to add to your wardrobe — shoe clips! Shoe clips add touches of flash to a plain pump or flat and with just a few basic pairs of shoes and a drawer full of shoe clips you can make it seem like you have a gigantic shoe collection. Read all about shoe clips!

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