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10 Shoes Can Become 100 Shoes at Very Little Cost

| Sep 2, 2013
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Shoe chartI recently did a poll on Sister House about the number of shoes that our ladies own and while the results were not surprising, they were interesting. Of 133 respondents about half owned 10 pairs of shoes or less. Two ladies owned more than 100 pairs which put them into the realm of having a home shoe store. I personally have between 11 and 20 pair, but a girl always needs more and it has been a struggle not to whip out the ole credit card when I see all the fantastic shoes my buyer has found for the Sister House Boutique. I could easily become a shoe maven.

Imeldas ShoesSo that raises the question on the title of this article — how do I turn those ten shoes that most of us have into the 100 pair of shoes that is my heart’s desire without breaking the bank? And the answer is “Shoe Jewelry.”

Now we all know that shoes are one of life’s necessities for most of us women, and in reality we have no intention of getting along with just a few pair, but even if you have an Imelda Marcos shoe closet, wouldn’t you like each of those sweeties to take on multiple lives? Why shouldn’t your favorite black strappy sandals have the chance to go out one evening wearing chiffon flowers or rhinestone bows? You can even turn that $29.95 Target special, basic black heel into a marvelous looking and dressy evening shoe that will have people thinking you spent $150 for them. That’s where shoe clips come in.

Paris-Clip-BlueAnd it becomes doubly important if you are unfortunate enough to have large feet and finding a well fitting size 15 to 17 shoe just limits the number and style of shoes in your wardrobe. Voila, no longer a problem. Or if you are long waisted (that’s me) like many men, then your legs are proportionately shorter and you need to project the image of longer legs (without a mini-skirt, ladies). A beautiful rhinestone on the tip of your toes draws the eye downwards and lengthens the look of your legs.

So, from fancy crystal brooches to simple bows, chic shells, or giant flowers, there are shoe clips for nearly every style of shoe — including bridal appliqués and clips. It takes but a few seconds to fit the shoe clips and the transformation is a revelation, the old friend is ready to face the world once more. The used shoes are, to any admiring eye, simply new shoes.

Tiffany-Shoe-ClipA shoe clip can blend with similar color shoes or be contrasting in color for more impact, the choice is yours. Conservative and classy for day or office wear, extensive use with the ‘flatties’ for smart casual , glamorous and chic for evening wear or a selection to suit any mood. You have the ultimate diversity for the entire wardrobe. It really isn’t just about the high heels. You will be amazed at the impact on your ‘flatties.’ Comfortable now becomes glamorous.

The best thing about shoe clips is that you can try them out with any shoes you like until you find winning combinations. But as a general rule, use more decorative clips on simpler shoes; for more elaborate shoe styles, stick with simple clips — like solid-colored bows. Check out this short video clip on How to Use Shoe Clips.

Shoe clips can expand your shoe closet to dimensions only dreamed of. Let your imagination soar and you’ll be the envy of your friends who really will think you’re Imelda reincarnated! And don’t forget that clips can be used lots more places than just on shoes. Purses, hats, slippers, belts — all are waiting in line for a chance at a bit of extra zing. The versatility of shoe clips for the renewal and transformation of shoes can also extend to the leather boot and handbag and other innovative uses. They are fantastic fashion accessories which adds enormous value not only in enhancing so many aspects of the wardrobe but through the intangible benefits of bringing the used shoes back into use.

It is so easy to carry shoe clips in the handbag to vary your footwear when you are out and about, or to change your mood, or adapt a day shoe into evening wear. The permutations are endlesCrystal-Heel-Ringss with the simple solution of having a variety of shoe clips. They also make wonderful gifts for any lady who loves their existing shoe wardrobe and could revive some of those old friends.

Heel-ChainsWhile most shoe clips will not mark your shoes, I suggest making sure the shoe clips are free of any dirt or oil before using them, and trying them out on less expensive shoes first, just to be sure. And while shoe clips won’t normally cause rubbing sores on your foot, a little moleskin goes a long way in insuring you don’t have sores at the end of the day.

You can also revitalize your shoes with these fashion heel rings, which will keep you looking and feeling strong all season long. Heel rings are made with special elastic that helps them stay on heels. They are great for casual, evening or bridal shoes and can also be worn as regular rings. Look at these Rhinestone round  heel rings and tell me they aren’t glamorous. Or check out these heel chains. OMG, you will be the envy of all your girlfriends and you too will be seen as a fashionista. 🙂


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Tasi was a transgender, married, lifelong crossdresser. She passed away in late 2018. She’s the founder of the Ladies of the Blue Ridge transgender group in Roanoke VA, a prolific writer, commentator and blogger including fashion articles for Tri-Ess, TG Reporter, Repartee, and Pretty T-Girls magazine. Tasi currently resides in Merida, (Yucatan) Mexico. Her new website, Sister House and her blog, the Fashionable TG Woman are dedicated to fashion and style for the transgendered woman. Tasi’s book, "Top Ten Fashion Mistakes By Crossdressers and How To Fix Them" is available on Amazon or on her site free to subscribers.

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  1. Pam Degroff Pam Degroff says:

    I really liked the article. I’m a shoe fanatic and have well over 100 pairs. I’m one of those small people who can wear a woman’s regular size 8, so finding something affordable, and often on sale, has never been a problem. The only real problem is a continual lack of closet space.

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